November 30th, 2005

he sucks at life

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cut the skin to the bone
fall asleep all alone
here ur voice in the dark
loes my self in ur eyes
choke my voice and goodnight as the world falls apart,
well fuck i cant let this kill me let go
i kneed some more time to fix this problemmm
heres a letter for u but the words get confused and the conversation dies,
apoliges for the past
talked some shit take it back
our we cursed to this life??
well fuck i cant let this kill me let go
i kneed somemore time to fix this problemmm
i'm talking to the celing
my life just lost all meaning
do one thing for me tonight
i'm dying in this siclences
the las i left in heaven
is coming down to earth and
do u still fell the same way
do u still fell the same wayyyyyyyyy?
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i can't believe i'm so lame as to know its our one month. but i'm not sure if we're still together or not so is it our one month?
damn you being so popular that i never get any of your time, it's making me resent people more so. are you avoiding me though? cause i mean, effort much?
i still want you just as much as i did a month ago, do you feel the same?
this little world you're going into, do i get a chance to at least say goodbye to you before you go, because over the past week i've missed kissing you and the sneaky hugs you give me. where have they gone? i don't want the same treatment as everyone else, cause that makes me feel like i'm nothing more to you, DO YOU STILL WANT ME TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND?
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Dear boyfriend,

Today was one month. How freaky its past so quickly and its been so amazing.
Thank you sweetie for making me so happy.
Even though we hardly get to see each other and I miss you so much when im not with you, being with you makes me smile lots.
I love our conversations, and you make me feel like I can say anything no matter how silly.
I know I sometimes get freaked out about things and dont always let you know whats going on, it doesnt mean I dont want you there.
Im so happy to call you my boyfriend cos I have totally fallen for you and even though it scares me to hell it makes me smile.
I love it when you say it to me too.
Hope you know this stuff.
I tell you all the time and I really mean it.
Wish you were here, even though I seen you today I am missing you lots.


Me x
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