November 23rd, 2005

Ninja Pirate Bunnies...

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Dear Best-Medicine-In-The-World,

You really made me feel better today. Strange, but true. I didn't really think people could have that much effect over health...
And you shouldn't worry too much about losing them. They acutally like you, whereas last time it was a semi-begrudging acceptance.
And just to set your mind at ease a little, those feelings are mutual.

Infinity factoral plus fifteen hundred,

to everyone everywhere, happy turkey day!

Dear Community,
Thanks everyone for listening to all my problems. Wanted to wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING & a reminder that no matter who u are or where you are or where u've been there is always SOMETHING to be thankful for. there was a time when i thought i had nothing to be thankful for & i found out really fast that things can always be a lot worse. so pls find joy in little things while u are waiting for the big things to come!
Love you all,
Indy XoXo

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dear #68,

i feel like there's something neither one of us is saying. maybe i'm keeping my mouth shut in hopes that you'll speak first. maybe you don't really have anything to tell me at all. maybe we both want to say the same things, but neither of us know how to spit it out.

or maybe we're just not brave enough.

even if i can't seem to force the lingering words off of my lips, it seems i can write them down with ease. my thoughts are clear and i know exactly what i'd like to say. i only lack the ability to say it. half of me wishes you could read this. the other half? wishes i wouldn't have to write it in the first place.

i miss you. did you know that?

i don't think you did. but i do, i really miss you. i'm not so sure it's a good idea to be falling for you again. if i could stop myself, i would. just to save myself from what i know would come if i were to somehow be with you again. i mean, i've been with you twice. i've had two first kisses, two first i love you's, even two first dates. i've had two "best day ever's" and two days i never thought we would make it through. but we made it, twice. i've been hurt twice. and we've fallen apart twice.

but hey, third time's a charm, right?

i love you. happy thanksgiving. wherever you are, i'm thankful for you.