November 16th, 2005

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Dear community,
I have a story for you. Like almost every other good story, it starts with a girl and a boy..
Once upon a time, not so far from here, there was a girl. This girl had a very best friend and one day, to her surprise, when she imed her best friend, it was someone else who answered. The girl fell in love with that someone. He was sweet and adorable, and although he had flaws, he somehow always knew just what to say, or when to say nothing at all. When she told him she loved him, months and months after that, after many, many evenings spent talking, he was scared. He said he was sorry he didn't love her like that. He started working a lot, maybe to forget everything. His father got married and decided they were moving. The girl said goodbye to him at the beginning of August, and she cried herself to sleep that night and a lot of nights afterwards. She felt like a piece of her had died. A few months later, the boy came back. He told her he loved her, and said all the right things, like "Can I keep you?" and "I love fucking much..". The girl officially became his girlfriend on October 2nd. They adored each other and planned futures and all the cute things that too-perfect couples do. Everyone was happy for them. They made each other happier than anyone had ever seen them. One dark, and stormy night, he got into a car accident. His father called the girl's very best friend and told her only that. The girl's best friend called her to tell her. The girl didn't even know she was crying until she realized she couldn't breathe and tasted the tears. Somewhere out there tonight, a girl will be crying herself to sleep with her face buried in his hoodie. She probably will not even notice the fact that she is crying until she feels how wet the hoodie is against her cheek. This will remind her of him more and she will cry...she will be distraught...