November 8th, 2005

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I hope you have fun today.
I dont want you to go, but of course I do all at once.

bla bla bla.

I'll miss you
-boring me.


you're getting FAT! you should turn anorexic and then everyone will like you!


thats all

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Or I guess I have to say Jamison and Parker now.

Why did you have to go and split up?
Seriously you two were amazing together.
I am going to miss your talent together.
At least you got the cd out first...

I hope you two boys don't end your music career.
You have to much talent to waste.
Even if it isn't with eachother.

Thank you for everything.
Even though you don't know you've helped me.

<3 always a loyal fan.
Jessica Mae.

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Do you realize just how much I love it when you call me simply to say goodnight? Even though part of me wonders whether you go out and party when you hang up the phone, instead of going to sleep like you say you're gonna.

I really hope we get to spend some time together tonight. I've been thinking about you all day. I wish I could have called you after class to tell you how awesome my presentation went. I wish I could just call you to talk to you about anything, anytime. But I always have to wait. And you always get distracted.

There's so much. So many little things that don't make sense. So many little things that bug me. But also so many little things that are absolutely wonderful. One of my closest friends tells me that I can do so much better, that I shouldn't waste myself on you. I have such a hard time explaining to her why I'm with you. But she hasn't met you. She doesn't know. It's like when you asked me if you're like everyone else. I just can't explain the way I feel. I really wish I could.

I think it's in your eyes. The way you look at me... it's like you see only me and think I'm the most beautiful person in the world. When you look at me like that, I get this incredible feeling. Nobody has ever made me feel this way before. I always get used. You're the first guy to really care about me. You are different.


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dear tall blonde fella,
"i love you" is on the tip of my tounge, yet again.

but after all thats happened between us, im kind of scared to be the one to say it first.

unconditionally, your favorite dreadhead.

you and I collide

Dear Winona,
You are my best friend. I know it; you know it. You're one of the few people. But still a best friend. So why can't I tell you some things? You've already told me so much, I know. Your whole life has been catered to me in words and emotions. I understand. I absorb it without judgement, but with empathy and compassion.
You think you know me, but you've barely scratched the surface.
I wish I could tell you all my secrets.. how I used to cut myself, and still think about it sometimes.. how I think I might have some kind of disease, but am not sure because my parents don't think it's necessary.. immigrants from China.. Chinese people take care of themselves; their own herbs and remedies. I wish I could tell you that I still think of Christopher, all the time, really. I wish I could tell you.. about that creepy guy who called last night.
I wish I could tell you that I used to be two-faced and selfish and would talk shit about you.. until I found out that you're a real friend.
I'm so sorry. I'm so filled with regrets.
I can never tell you.
Albeit, you truly are my best friend. One of the few people. But still one of the best.
Love, Kariann.

Dear me,
Sometimes I really feel like I hate you. You're so soft and hard at the same time. Like a cookie, maybe.. hard on the outside, but so soft and chewy on the inside.
You're so weird. So many emotions. And none at all. And you make up so many lies.
Sometimes.. I can't even separate the truth from them; the line is so blurred.

Dear Christopher,
I. Want. To. See. You. So. Fucking. Bad.
It's unfair that others have already seen THEIR long distance boyfriends.. I've known you for way longer; we have that closer bond, I and haven't even seen you yet.
Not once.
It's driving me mad.
We're not even together anymore.
I wish I could tell you how much I still love you. How much it drives me crazy. All the things that you'll never know. Or hear.
The thoughts that rush through my cluttered mind.
You'll never know.
Or maybe you will.. once I see you.
Love.. oh, the word is nearly not enough, Kariann.

Dear Maddi,
I like you a lot. I'm so glad we're friends again.
I'm afraid to say anything, cling onto you though. I don't want us to fall apart again. Please say you'll keep us glued. Or taped. Or tied together, with still some room.
Love, Kari.
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Oh dearest self,
You might possibly be the coolest person in the world.
If this works out... it would be simply incredible!!


You said we were gonna hang out tonight. So please call. Now.
TV- Spartacus- Warrior

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Dear LAHS,

I hate you with the most severa of passions right now. Senior Project is a waste of time- why waste time learning something I will never apply to my life ever again. It's ridiculous and I, as I said firstly, hate you.


Thank you for letting us start late tomorrow. That doesn't mean you are off the hook yet. Fucking high school...