October 28th, 2005

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Dear boy,
I had a horrible dream last night.
You left me, I saw you with another girl...you were kissing her.
But the thing that might have bothered me the most was that your parents hated me.
So now, when you call me sometime after six, so we can hang out for a few hours before you ditch em to go to the movies. (like in the dream), I'm going to tell you about it. And maybe it will show you some insite to what I think all the time.
Oh and stop telling me I'm too pretty for you. I'm not pretty let alone too pretty for anything or any one. So just EssTeaEffYou.

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What can I say? I couldn't stay mad at you forever, though that's what I wanted more than anything. I just want to know what went through your head. Were your thoughts focused on the right thing or the wrong. I know the answer, do you?