October 1st, 2005

I <3 NY!

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Dear Stephen,

I care about you. I really do.. I just don't want to get too attached and everything, because it seems like my heart always gets trampled on when I do. We've been just dating and stuff for a few months now, but I would really like to take whatever we have now to the next level. Something so easy to say is so hard for me tell you everything. le sigh It's just that my words get so jumbled up when I try to talk to you about something like this. le sigh I shall discuss this one day with you soon hopefully.

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Dear Little Bro,

I miss you. Way too much. Come live with me in my dorm room. You can bring all of your video games and your star wars poster!! I know you'd miss mom a lot but she could come visit!! I miss you a lot :(

Your big sis.

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dear [B]oy,
last night was one of the best in my life, short of 2 years ago when you told me you liked me. when you held my hand and we just ran away from everyone else... i never wanted to go back, i wanted to stay away with you forver.

tonight was one of the worst nights in my life. seeing you with that girl, and not being able to spend all night with you... i was so pumped all day to be with you again tonight... and it just didnt happen. I was so close to crying all night, and now i can't hold it in anymore. i just wanted to come home, and the second i did i ran right up stairs and cried... and i hate crying - especially over you, cause sometimes i think you like me bck, and other i think you wouldnt care if you never saw me again...

love...love..< /3 d
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