September 25th, 2005


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dear tall blonde fella,
things are going good.
that makes me nervous.
but still... happy.
i hope your having a good weekend with your friends.
i know im having a good weekend with mine.
unconditionally, your favorite dreadhead.

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dear sir,
i wish i wasn't so tied down to you. i love you so much but i'm only 15 & i don't want to hurt you.
but i want to be with you, always.
i just wish that i could do other things

love from lisa. xx.

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Dear very very cute senior.

hi :) you know, that weird girl in your french class that doesnt talk very much. yeah hi. i hope you know you're gorgeous. i usually hate football players, you've made an excepion. we've been talking in class lately. :-O and other than being a jock, you're pretty cool. last year i remember this one day when yuo were about to cry. ike i could hear it in your voice and it was very cute and i just wanted to hug you like the big bear you are :) and it's okay that you have a receeding hair line :) lksajflkasdf and whats with you being in my dreams all the sudden?! i dont like it at all. i dont even like you that much but you're all up in my inner conscience. wtf?!!! get OUT. hehe :) okay, i just wanted to let you know you're gorgeous and we're going to get married and watch degrassi together on friday nights.
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Dear world,

Well my sanity is lost and I'm acting like Jessica from Laguna Beach. I'm stupid, unfun, and most of all, starting to develop a eating disorder. I've no appetite, I'm a smoker, and somehow, Kate Moss is my role model. Cocaine Chic...yes, beautiful, yes, good role model-no. I know...terrible me.

I'm losing my mind and I feel that there is no way for me to ever turn from this point till I have graduated High School. I cannot wait to just leave everyone. I just hate the people I surround myself with. Boo-hiss-boo. Hehe. :)

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dear you,

i take everything that comes silently, not uttering a word. not saying anything. just taking it all in my stride and sometimes i ask myself WHY THE FUCK AM I SO BLOODY DUMB.
heh, but i know its just cos me, being the usual insecure me, is too scared of breaking up this relationship. and theres still a long way to go and i wouldnt know what to do if it really did.

i wish i knew what was going on in ur mind. give me that and i'll be happy enough. please?


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Dear math c/o vector calc,

I hate you. you are sucking so largely right now it's not even funny. Screw being a math major because it's not making any sense. I don't understand vector calc and I don't understand why you have to make me fail. I used to be so good at you and now I justhave no clue what I'm thinking or what I'm doing. All I know is that at the moment you make me want to cry from doing this impossilby hard homework. I don't know how the solution manual applies when the questions don't relate and the ones I don't get are the even ones which are the ones being graded. I need sleep and yet I have to finish you because otherwise I won't be passing the class for much longer and that's not a good thing. the one person who could possibly explain this to me is still away. I'm beginning to regret taking the class and yet I can't because I know that without this class I wouldn't have met Clint and I really wouldn't want that to happen but FUCK the actual math. I don't understand it at all and I don't understand the professor enough to get help from him and yeah this is rambling but I'm relaly frustrated and need sleep but I once again I have to finishthis homework

a kiss before dying

dear someone,

pls rip my heart out so i can't feel anymore.


ps-Will i hope u like the flowers i am having sent to the hospital tomorrow. thanks for being the only one in this whole world who hasn't hurt me yet. but the voices inside my head keep telling me its only a matter of time.
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