September 19th, 2005

The only reason youre still alive is because someone decided to let you live.

Dear Julie,
Theres a girl who created the word beautiful, and all that encompasses it.
Theres a girl who has a bigger heart than she wants to think.
Theres a girl who has helped me discover who i am.
Theres a girl who has unlocked me again, after she locked me up, good and tight.
Theres a girl who im completely comfortable around.
Theres a girl who i never want to go on without.
Theres a girl who inspires me to try again, to put my best effort into everything i do.
Theres a girl who i started falling for the day i met her.
Theres a girl who understands.
Theres a girl who is so different, yet so similar.
Theres a girl who is (without demeaning her) perfect. Absolutely perfect.
And she is you.
You made all the mushy bullshit that i once despised come into bright, vibrant fucking colour.
All my love,

Dear World,
Im a lesbian, if you dont like, please avert your gaze.
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Dear Boy,
I love you because it's the thing I do best And everyone knows there is alot of things I don't do well at all. I can't help it either, it's like one of those natural talents. When I walk down the street or the hallways in school, it's not too noticible, but anybody who hears me talk about you can tell from just the tone in my voice. When I see you my eyes light up, and it's truely remarkable how you make me feel. I wouldn't trade any moment I've had with you in for the world (and yes that's including our fights). There's not many words to describe what's been going on between us for the past 3 years but it's a situation where we don't have to say much anyway. Nothing is like laying next to you with your arms around me. And nothing every will be. This is something special, that and nothing can replicate special.
This is you.
This is me.
This is us.
And in this moment we're special.
In every moment we're special.
As long as we're together.