September 9th, 2005

home is where my heart is.

Dear Linda,

What do you really find 'soooo cool' about getting drunk? You don't even really know what it is to be drunk.. ask someone who knows.. like my father. You make me sick. I thought I was actually becoming your friend... blow me off, i don't give a shit anymore. I hope you're happy with your 'new found friends'. I'm sick of being used.. i'm sick of watching you belly dance and im sick of your selfishness... I just want you to know that when your new 'friends' dis you and completly ignore you like you do to me.. i wont be there for you.. i will not be there to catch you when you fall..and I hope you fall off your balcony.

an invisible 'friend'



i am not your friend.
You are a bitch to everyone around you and i do not want to deal with it.
please, please, please

leave me alone!



i miss you terribly, there is no one.. not a single soul in this whole country like you.. you're the only one who understands me and i need you more then anything.. i would sell my soul to see you for ten seconds. Just to give you one more hug.. or to laugh at something stupid we said at 4 a.m. You would listen to marillion when no one else would... every word in everysong screams your name..
I wish you could hear me, but i know you can't...

i'm so lost without you.. you're my best friend and i need you.
please fix me.. make me how i used to be.
i need you.
a Broken friend.

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Dear me,

I will finish this semester.
I will drink less coffee.
I will be less stressed.
I will spend less money.
I will find new friends.
I will not put up with people treating me badly. You know who you are.
I will put uni above partying.
I will eat more healthy.
I will do more exercise.
I will take me time.
I will look at my life.
I will be happy.

awful truth

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dear you...

.... i sit up at night just thinking of you, wanting to be with you, wanting to know you. i cry myself to sleep because you dont want me like i want you. i know... it's just a high school crush, it'll pass oh well it doesn't change how i feel right now. i dont know what to say to you any more... i can't play your games. you need to let me know

i'll love you for always....
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