September 7th, 2005


You chose to talk to her? You hold grudges remember? You're acting strange tonight.
He misses you too, he tells you that all the time. Believe him. And always remember to wish him a good day at school.
GO TO BED and get used to GOING TO BED, you're starting school Thursday remember?
Find your eyeliner.
Pretend your happy.
Let things go.
DON'T PRY. You're gunna cause problems.
Spread the word about the new Every Time I Die CD.
Love your boyfriend into a million peices like you've been doing.
Like I said before. GO TO BED.
Mom's awake's okay.
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    Every Time I Die- Tusk and Temper.

Tattoo help

Dear Community,
Tell me what you think to this tattoo, I did it last night but its only temperary.. do we think its kewl or not? Bam has this same tattoo, is it cheesy that Im getting it to? Its because I like it not because of my obsession with him lol!


Havent writen in this community recently... I guess my life must be going ok for once...

Love K x

(no subject)

my dear
my love
to brine.

before i left for germany you promised me that you'd write me letters all the time, email me everyday, and you said you'd make it feel like i never left at all.
but i think you lied.
i have overlooked the weekends that pass without any contact from you, i have overlooked the repetitiveness of your yahoo offline messages, and i've overlooked your short simple emails.
i hardly know what's going on in your life anymore, and i wear my heart on my sleeve.
sometimes i want to hate you because you make me feel so bad. i can just see myself typing "this isn't working out" but the closest that i'll ever come to that is the layout of my livejournal because i just can't stand the thought of being without you. 

you say all the time that you love me more than i'll ever know. but i think you lie. or if your not lying then maybe you're right.
but i don't buy it.

i love you.
you don't love me. and i've just now come to realize that i think.
you want to love me, but the kind of love you can give me is not the kind of love that i'm in the habit of taking.

i want love that gives me the freedom to travel and experience and live the life i want to live.
i don't want love that gives me hell because i have the freedom to travel and experience and live how i want to.

i want love that waits for their lover patiently to return.
i don't want love that signs up for specifically looking for "a fuck buddy"

sometimes i wish you'd find these entries. because you never come close to knowing how i feel.


(no subject)

People who sent me a letter today,

Maybe you heard. I was back down to the size you want me for your pathetic mind games, you're the ones who made me this way in the first place. You put me through hell to put me through competitions, and for what? To make YOUR club look better. And then when i a gained a little bit of weight, you treat me like shit, so i quit, but the problem you gave me didn't quit. Yes. I have a problem. You gave it to me. Fuck you.

The girl who used to be "Your best."

Ps: I wish i could say this to your faces. Don't you fucking grind Tasha down like you did to me. She's even more underweight than me yet i bet you're giving her those 'hints' to lose weight. This is meant to be something people enjoy, are passionate about, not whose got the skinniest competitors.

(no subject)

Thankyou for coming to see me tonight. It meant alot to me. I loved how you just walked up on the porch with a huge grin on your face and kissed me before you said anything.
I loved our random walk around the block because we didn't know what we were doing and how we decided to go to Sacandaga School. I love how you kissed me. And how it made both of our lips tingle.
I loved the way you pushed me on the swing!...and how you also took it as an opportunity to grab my ass.
I like how you randomly said "I want our child to have your eyes." Because we both want kids some day.
Haha I loved how you showed me your self defence moves that you learned in your "gym class" for college. And how you worked yourself up so much with the pretend punches that you didn't even have enough breath to kiss me.
I love the way your hair felt tonight, and how you would lean in and snuggle with me so I could feel it against my cheek.
I love how you think I could be a super model and yell at me when I disagree. (You're not always right my love).

For everyone who's in love,
I'm glad you get to share the same feeling with me. I'm happy for every single one of you who has a boy or girl of your own. I hope it lasts a lifetime.

Be good this year. I don't need rumors spread or nasty looks. I'm going to be civil to everyone, could I atleast have that in return?