August 23rd, 2005

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dear bobby brown,
if you want to run off with that girl you used to know
i can get over it with enough crack
but at least tell me you dirty crackhead
where are my grammy's,

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Dear new cellphone,
You're so pretty.
I love you,

Dear Corsh,
How did someone so pretty turn out to be so BORING?
Hmmm. Maybe it's because you're German.
German boys tend to be lame like that.
So I guess I can't hold it against you.
Don't ever grab my ass again,

Dear Me,
Loosen up.
Everything's going to be okay.
Suck it up,
Your other personality

Dear the-rest-of-the-world,
Fuck off!
Quit putting me down!
TV- Spartacus- Warrior

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Dear Bush,

Thanks for sending my loving cousins away to war where they will be permanently traumatized. Thanks for also putting my dad into a panic as he worries for his brothers who are on reserve.

You republican a-hole.


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dear newly realised jackass.
you did it again and i didn't stand for it this time. hope you feel stupid. knob jockey.
hope i never have to hear about you again:)

...and i'm over it.
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He thinks I'm perfect

I felt emo all day. :(

I say I'm fat.
-He says your perfect.
I say I'm ugly
-He says your perfect.
I say I wish I could change this, and this, and that.
-He says your perfect.
I give up and ask him what he would change if he could
-He says the way you don't see yourself like I do, cuz other than that your perfect; o yeah, and maybe I would change your liking of Britney Spears a little.

This is the only boy who can make me smile through tears.
&&I love him.
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dear dreadlocks,
please forgive me if i happen to grab one of you
and rip you out in frustration.
i love you and i dont mean you harm.
i just am feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
and those things happen at such times.
love, the proud wearer of you wonderful knots.
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