August 17th, 2005


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Dear Crestwood kentucky,
As much as I have not enjoyed living here at all times I would like to let it be known that I will miss driving your roads. Driving on 1694 as the sun set with the windows down and nothing around except hills and trees and the drop off that scared me so much when I first started driving. I loved racing home from school and making what should have been a ten or 15 minute drive in under five minutes. I will miss the lack of snow removal and the days off from school and the trains that would always back up traffic. I will miss the solitude of a small town feel without really enjoying it when I was home.

the girl that's moving to AZ

I want you to know that I loved the A-Team car rides you provided us with and how you were so willing to let us have our 'friends' and even encouraged it. Not because you thought we wouldn't be able to do it but because you want us to win so much and give us what was ours in the past. I know we didn't do great at state but we made it there and although we had several 'oh shit' moments when things went drastically wrong you were always willing to help out your students. A coach that was more then a friend then a teacher in the sense that we all made fun of the shelby lady and the mean other coaches. I'm taking my shirt with me just to remind me of the fun I had being a nerd.

you are a complete and utter idiot. Denying one of the smartest people I know the right to go to your school because of one disagreement. Blake could have brought so much to South and become such a great person for the school. But you're an ass and step over boundries. You screwed megan and you screwed me when you allowed the GSP thing to happen. You are clueless about what is best for your school and you need to realize that the only people that respect you and all your decisions are the ones that need you to improve their lives. Don't you find it sad that none of the students know who you are until a teacher points it out several times or until they see you never leaving your office during the school day. You are a horrible principal and need to keep your mouth shut with your husband. You should not be talking about students with the district attorney of the county your schools in. I pray you retire before my brother gets to that school and hope Aberli isn't the replacement because he's just a male version of you that thinks selling car products through icecream trucks is a good idea.
goodbye stupidity of south.

Fastbreak pizza,
I love you all to death...well maybe I just love the time we had fun. It felt like work and yet over all I don't regret working there or not quiteing. I find it so hard to believe that I may never work there again it was my first real job. I love the fact that we plan stupid stuff like the train thing involving OC cops. And then the cruise ship pirateing and painting. Oh and derek and the scredriver incident. And although we had christmas parties in february because we were late organizing things but watching tinkertose bowl with his pink and purple bowling ball. And then the last one at Bw3's and the parking lot there after. I mean yes there were moment I hated it because I hate to work so hard when no one else was but then we got to make fun of the stupid people. I'm made that danni and I didn't work together since may 13th but I"ll remember when we did. I still want to know who will do the dishes after I leave but thanks for e=introducing me to office space and purposing a way to make a hover craft to move the desk to the basement. Man I had fun there and I will miss almost everyone for one reason or another...other then keith rob and scott I had worked there the longest and rob and scott are the owners.
your favorite employee,
margaruita (sp)

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Dear Kevin,

remember when I told you that I, personally, would rather jump off of my roof than break up with you? Since you've taken the initiative to (pseudo?) break up with me, and considering I'm far too excessively self-important to risk breaking any bones, I resolved to jump out of my living room window. I'm now covered in mud, drenched due to the rain and tears, and I managed to accidentally step on one of my dad's pansy-type flower things. I really don't know whether to say "fuck you" for breaking my heart for the millionth time or whether to remind you that I love you more than anything and that you clearly mean the world to me.

I'm sorry I broke that promise to you a few months ago, but that was one promise. Over the past 3 years, I've made millions of promises to you that I haven't broken. I also re-promised you, and this time, I intend to keep it, whether or not we're together. This is one battle I won't willingly let you win. You can break up with me, you can tear my heart to shreds, and you can say what you like, but I refuse to break the promise again.

I also don't plan to give up on you. I still love you more than anyone and anything, and that's saying a lot. I won't let you hurt yourself, and I certainly will not let you off yourself. I don't care if I have to buy a last-minute ticket to Peru to do it, either, and you had better believe I will.


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