August 15th, 2005

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Emi my love,

You can take your muffin mooching, money begging, clothing guilt-tripping heiney and leave me alone. You may live in a house with poverty and verbally abusive parents, and yes, I do empathize with you, emi i do. But I just cant handle it when all you seem to want me around for is to take what i have to give. And then after you've taken it and fully worn it out, you complain TO ME about how much these things suck. Can't you see that that hurts me?

I'm so sick of you taking advantage of me, I have no more to give you. I've given you my gardenburger riblets, my muffins, countless amounts of money, my kindness and music, Ive given you shoes and TWO of my favorite blazers. Ive listened to you brag and Ive listened to you whine. Im sick of it.

I have no more to give and I think it's time you leave.

Wear Your Seatbelt,
x Kari x

Our first kiss.

Dear You,

You &me, all alone. It's too late to say we didn't know. We shouldn't be all alone. One of us might lose control. All these feelings that we've been hiding deep down- they must start to show. Not here, not now, watching my frustrations grow. I know what I feel &you feel it, too. I dream of the first kiss &who'll make the first move. Who's gonna put their heart on the line. It could be me, it could be you, tonight. Show me who you are. Stop me before I go too far. It hurts to hold back, so hold me or I might crack. I'm gasoline, you're the match. I'm not sure if we could handle that. It might explode, it could be a mess. I say we take the chance. I'm all mixed up, I'm confused. I don't know what to do. Because I want to, &I'd love to- if I knew you'd want me to. If you're getting any closer, then I'm gonna have to scream. I know what I feel &you feel it, too. I dream of the first kiss &who makes the first move. Who's gonna put their heart on the line- it could be me, it could be you, tonight.

Yours Truly,

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feel the pain by sean gleavey

burning flesh
searing pain
endless bliss
not in vain

cut the skin
flowing blood
taste the blade
feel the pain

peirce the skin
let it flow
feel the cut
feel the pain

see the scars
feel the scars
feel the pain
remember the pain

by seang gleavey AKA jesus
don&#39;t forget to breathe..

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Dear Danny,

I'm writing again because you've dissapointed me.

I told you not to promise me that when you told me that you wanted to. I repeatedly told you..over and over again..

But you "panicked". You didn't think to tell them that you had promised your girlfriend who you supposedly love so much that you weren't going to smoke with anyone else but her.

Babe, I told you NOT to promise me this.

Why does it matter what they think? Why do you care?

You obviously care enough to break a promise and for the stupidest reason, to boot.

How am I ever going to trust you again?


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To mom,

why do you say 'stay as long as you want' - give me fresh towels, happily make dinner and basically be mom. Then why do you undo all this good by saying a day before i leave 'you treat this place like a hotel' just because I help myself to a beer you offered to me earlier?

if you knew i was going a week later, you'd have saved the remark for next week. why do you need to put me in my place? why the need to be seen as 'long suffering' rather than just plain ol' 'mom'?

you make me want to go and never come back. be gracious in your hospitality. i am.

from daughter.