August 13th, 2005

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Dearest Emo Scene Kids,

Pardon me if I seem rude, but what the fuck is your problem? Standing around with your amazing hair and your bright make up and your excessive jewelry, and your T-Shirts that scream some band's name with a creative and wonderful design. You with your standing in circles and posing to look cool. Your mean and hateful and usually faked depressed outlook on life. You with every mean and ignorant thing that you fucking say. You, traveling in packs with hearts on the butt pockets of your tight jeans.

I am so sick of seeing you and feeling smaller than you are because I can not afford, nor do I wish to act or dress the way that you do.

I envy you because you are so blissfully ignorant.

You are rich kids that are buying into this new trend. Emo is the new fall fashion, darlings, so join on in if your fucking parents can pay for it. Weren't you Baribie and Ken a month ago?

You know what? I would be willing to put money, good money, saying that you haven't felt an honest broken heart in your entire shallow life.

Im more fucking emo than you will ever be. I hate you and your elitism and the way you truly believe that you are better than I am.

Refusing the Scene,

My Darling Lovely Emo Scene Boy,

Stop filling my thoughts, you contradict everything I just stood up for. But youre not like them...or are you?

I have never spoken with you, but somehow you seem different.

Or maybe it's just that I find you to be incredibly, wonderfully adorable with your shy smile and lovely emo-ness.

Maybe you fall into the truly emo category like I do...
Or maybe youre just as bad as they are.

Oh I dont know,

I know, I know, I know...I am pretty much ridiculous.

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dear she
i really dont know what to say. like youve confused me like crazy. you told me that you loved me and that sounded pretty darn real and like at first i didnt like you all that much. that i have to admit. but like i just started to think that you really cared and all that and i was being my self talking to you and all that. so like i guess i liked you a LOT untill a few fucking minutes ago. like fucking i asked you out basically and you basically said no. like i dont fucking get it and your stupid fucking reason was "i dont know you in person" WHAT THE FUCK?! am i supposed to be a different person offline and online?! i dont get it like i guess it doesnt matter now because i just thought wrong. i waited a while to act the way i DID with you. but like yeah ive learned a lesson that you are NOT the person im looking for. thanks for the smiles you gave me. fuck off.

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If you even knew about this site, you would have seen this coming. Alright so heres the deal, you get your friend drunk...enough where you have to take care of him...and bail on me. You doing exactly what my mother does all the time. You wanted to hang out...and when I said something to you about ditching me you said "But you looked so purdy". Mind you it said "prudy" because I'm sure you've had a couple drinks yourself. If I had looked ugly...would you have asked me to hang out?

My throat closed up. And then the tears...I just COULDN'T MAKE THEM STOP. This is the first you've ever done this. And you know I hate that kid! You ditched me for him. I've been crying on and off since you told me. And no, me sleeping over tomorow is not going to make up for the way I feel tonight.

I feel like shit.




And to top it all off. I don't have friends I can turn to about this. Karlie is in Colonie...and she's the only person I practically hang out with.

I'm going to cry all alone tonight. Maybe I'll resort to old ways if you know what I mean. You didn't even notice last time, maybe it's just becoming to frequent.

I wont let you know that I dressed up pretty in antisipation of seeing you. Put on make-up, did my hair. And now as a result of what you did to me I looked like a hooker that had someone blind do her make-up for her.Thankyou.

You better fucking make up for this. You better.

You know what? f.u.c.k.y.o.u

I hate believing in someone so much. "I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time" ALL THE TIME.

I love you though, with every inch of my being...and it sucks eggs.

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