August 2nd, 2005

Isabelle at the looking glass
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Dear Eating Disordered Best Friends;

I like my body, and the fact that I'm overweight doesn't make me hate myself.
What I hate is that you can't love yourselves as much as I love you.
That you lie openly to me and think I don't know.
I get mad at myself for having been blessed with a healthy body-image when you two struggle.
I get mad at you for hurting yourselves because that hurts me too.
And I'm tired of pretending I don't like my body to be sympathetic to you.

It's just not me, you know?


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Dear baby boy,

You're just going to let him cheat on her like that? I think the whole thing about 'guys don't tell on eachother' is horrible. You're just giving girls the dirty work. You wont have to see her upset or anything. I hope that 'Spanish girl' or whatever you called her was worth it. Just don't ever do that to me.


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Thanks for being an asshole today. I really don't get you sometimes, it just seems like you always have to be in a bad mood. Well babe if you didn't realize it, when your mad, you ignore me, and when I get ignored, I get upset. You become a serious jerk and that just isn't cool. It makes no sense. Then you text me later and ask if anything is wrong when I say I don't want to hang out. Um did you seriously think I was going to be angry with you? Oh because I just love when you ignore me. If Rachie and Morgan pissed you off, well suck it up. They are my friends and you know how they are. You didn't have to come over. And I tell you this now, my friends will always come first. This is highschool romance, or right now it is, and I am not going to ditch my friends for a boy. I love you, but they are my life. If you keep having these temper tantrums it isn't going to work out between us, because you know as well as I do that I can't deal with it. Oh and stop cursing so much, it is not attractive! Don't break my heart boy.

Your a dork and I love you. You know you have a best friend when you can have fun just laying down and listen to Avril, cause your the only one man enough to admit you love her. Or calling everyone on your phone and leaving them voice mails. I will keep my promise to you, don't worry. That boy will be yours. Your an amazing girl and any boy who doesn't want you is just dumb. Forget about Ben, he isn't worth your time. Yes I love that kid, but you can find someone better. Your a beautiful girl. He is STUPID STUPID STUPID. I love you to death, even if your going to look like a chipmunk Thursday. haha.

Ohh...You are simply the coolest person I know. And it is even better that your family. Thank you so much for being the big brother I don't have. (Even though I do have one.) You know I come to you with everything. Things I can't talk about with my parents and I would choose your advice of anyones. You are always looking out for me and I greatly appricate that. It sucks that we have fallen so apart from eachother, but now that your back in NY I am sure we can fix that. I love you! And I am NOT emo, so bite me.

<3 always, Jessica Mae.
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