August 1st, 2005

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Dear Graham,

I just thought I'd let you know that you are still making guest appearances in my dreams.
I've been trying to avoid you, trying to purge myself of all romantic attachment to you, and yet I'm there, grasping the front of your Ramones tshirt that I like so much, and kissing you until you're breathless.
It hurts ridiculously to love you like that, against my will.
Just thought I'd let you know.


and I hear your name, no nothing has changed...

Dear You,
You've only been away a day, and I miss you already. I guess its kind of stupid for me to miss you more than usual, because I hardly get to see you anyway, but I suppose its because I know that I wont be able to speak to you for a week.
I hope your having a nice time anyway.
I have the five page letter I wrote to you sitting on my desk, all ready to send to you. I'm only sending it to you cuz you asked for it... I just need to find a stamp :D
I love you, and thank you for telling me you loved me on the phone the other night.
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Dear friends,

It is killing me not to tell you that I AM COMING BACK TOMORROW!!!!!

That's right, I'm coming back again and only just found out today but I'm coming back home and leaving on Sunday.

And Eileen, if you read this... SHHHH. Don't tell anyone. It's a surpriiise!


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Dear Love,

How come I don't feel all of the things that I'm suppose to feel when I'm in love? When I hug him, it's just like hugging anybody else. When we kiss, it's just a kiss...atleast I think it is. All I know is that without that boy I would go crazy. Just thinking about being without him sends me into a fit of tears. I'd miss his obnoxious laugh, the way he smells...and the way he sais "And that's not a pequit" (pequit meaning secret). My day is ruined when I don't get a call from him. I'm his sexkitten, his lima bean, his baby. I'd be weird to be anything different to anybody else. Are all these things making up for what I'm lacking?

Is this what love is?