July 29th, 2005



Where do I start? I miss our friendship so much. I can't believe we let ourselves slip so far away from eachother. Didn't we always say we would be best friends forever and that nothing would break us apart? Well what happened? I don't really know to put this all into words, but I miss you so much it hurts. Tonight I was cleaning my room and I happened to find our old notebooks. I cried, a lot. We use to be one. I remember that summer before Sophomore year like it was yesterday. And as much as Caitlin and I are best friends now, we don't have anything like the friendship we shared. You know as well as I do, that no one can compare to you and no one ever will. I can think of any simple thing and it usually has some inside meaning behind it that only you and I would understand. I just keep thinking about everything, but the one time that always come back to me, is that one night it was you, davegunn, Doug, and I on your porch. The night they came back from the mall and daveguun said we were being to quiet. So he says "I could say anything and you two would start laughing....TURTLE." Of course we started cracking up, because there was a meaning behind turtle. I don't think I will ever forget that. When I saw you the other day, it was very sad. By the way you looked very pretty, not that you don't everyother day. You know I think of you everytime I listen to Something Corporate.We have gone through so much together and I don't want to loose you.

 I don't know what else to say besides I love you and I am sorry.

<3 always, Jessica Mae.

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(no subject)

Dear Jon,

I fucking wish I had never met you.
I really do. I wish we had never found eachother.
What good has it done? None.
All its done is make me hurt.
I wish it was all back to how it was this time last year.
As much as I hate to admit it, you made me cut. You made me hurt.
And still, I love you. Which hurts a lot fucking more.

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Dear You,

You deserve so much better than me.
Honestly. I don't know why you are still with me.
I screw up on a lot of things. I mess up and make boo-boos all over the place.

But you don't think so. You think I'm perfect.
You don't know how much that means to me.

I love you.

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Dear Period,

I hate you.
I want sex damnit, and because of you I can't have any until at least Wednesday.
On the plus side, at least I'm not pregnant. :)
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