July 24th, 2005

I rock.

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Dear Kev,

I am so pissed off at you right now.
Ditching my SWEET SIXTEEN PARTY to go over to the one person's house that I hate..the most.
Go die. You're worthless.
Even Alex thinks so, your best friend.
Ha. Asshole.

(no subject)

Dear God,
More and more I'm starting to wonder....starting to question.. Was I a mistake?
Please let me know as soon as possible because I really see no point in life and
I would like an excuse to leave this world as soon as possible. If I am a mistake
Will you please take me back Home? I am ready. I've stopped working on the drafts
of suicide letters in my notebooks, because i'm starting to think that a life like
mine needs no introduction or conclusion..

Everytime I pray... I ask you to bless my family and my friends and my enemies...
So please just grant this request by taking me away. They will be blessed that
I am no longer in their life. So I don't have to hear my brother say my parents
Treat me better than everyone else. I don't fit in here. I'm pretty certain I was a
Mistake, but I just want it to be confirmed by you so i can finally Rest In Peace.
I've always known since Middle School, that I am worth more dead.

Thanks for all of your help.
Love always your Daughter,
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Dear God,
Please give me the strength to keep believeing in you,
my faith is wearing thin and it's going fast.
You have blessed me with so much in life,
but I always have trouble giving my thanks to you.
I miss going to church,
why did this have to happen?
If it wasn't for that church I still would be lost.
I wouldn't have you in my life.
So why did you take it away from me?
I am so confused and I need you to help me.

Dear Stephie,
I wish you would see what he is doing to you.
He isn't worth your time,
you are the most amazing and wonderful person I know.
He is just going to hurt you more.
He USED you, why can't you see that?
So deserve so much better...

Dear cell phone,
You cost me to much money!

Dear FFTL.
Thank you for recording the album Aesthetic.
It is so amazing.

<3 always, Jessica Mae.
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