July 23rd, 2005


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dear chris,
you're not him and that's disappointing. I was happy about the movie portion but afterwards I'm not sure about. I dislike the way you kiss and I wish you were the other boy that's escape my grasp because he kissed so well and I loved it. it's just not as tasteful and graceful as it once was. You used to protect me and just hold me and that's not happeneing anymore. I almost canceled going to the movies with you and now with the exception of seeing a good movie I really wish I had offered to work.

Anyhow Christopher I regret to inform you that we won't be hanging out like that again.

A girl who likes the past
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Dear Boyfriend,
now that you have me i dont think you want me anymore
we've been dating for a little over a month and we started
going out 4 days ago.
When i call you all you so is play that stupid game and dont talk
and when i want to get off the phone you wont let me
but when you want to you expect me to be ok with it.
which i am, but still.
I wanted to see you tonight but you said you were "sorta tired"
and then you called jessica to see why i wasnt picking up the fone
and you asked her why i was kind of pissed and she said maybe its because
she really wants to see you and then you said "well maybe im tired" maliciously.
that pissed me off.
im too tired to care.
fuck it ill worry tomorrow.
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dear her,
we just broke up. and i have a feeling i miss you.
i know that its not like LOVE love but hey i tried so fucking hard to stay with you
i always went to your place, which takes a lot of time and money
i always sent text messages first because youre a whore like that
and i alwaysed called. i did all that and guess what youre just like its not working
ugh ive been through this a lot but i just thought that its not fair
i thought about breaking up but i always looked on the bright side of us
but yeah dude what ever. ill get over you
youll always stay in my head but youll always be just another girl i dated
and fuck off
from me

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Dear friend,

You confuse me, you really do. I dont understand you much anymore. We can be so great together, but then theres times like these where we just argue constantly and I dont even know why. Theres not a valid reason, we just seem to be very good at pissing eachother off. Sometimes we go by the alibi that we've never really had a proper argument...and I suppose we havent, because you couldnt really call our..."disputes"...arguments...because they're usually one sided. They're usually one of us talking, and saying what annoys us about the other at this moment in time, and the other one listening and speaking in a calm undertone.
I'd like to stay friends with you, I really would, but I'm not sure if I can take all the arguments. I've got too much on my mind at the moment as it is, and I'm not sure if I would be able to handle our arguments becoming one of my bigger problems.
I wonder if you miss the old times as much as I do.
Olivia x

Dear boy,
You confuse me even more.
I love you.
Olivia x
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Yes, this was posted in my journal. But I need to put it here, in hopes that anyone can offer me some sort of comfort, advice (Although I'm not smart enough to take it, probably), or just freaking snap me out of this depression. It's long, depressing, and possibly full of 'complaints'. Don't read it if you don't want to, and please - Don't make any mean comments, I'm just not in the mood today. Don't say I'm overhyping it, I know I am. But hell, I'm a teen. That's enough of an excuse as any. And also - This has been out of control for a long time, but I'm really feeling it now.

By the way, it's a journal entry. Deal with it, I need help, I know, so I post it here, in hopes that someone will help.

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