July 21st, 2005

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so, i guess your happy with your new girlfriend. you stopped smoking pot and you actually have a good job. i can't help but be pissed off. even though i said all that stuff before, i didn't really mean it. i just tried to make myself believe that i don't love you anymore. it hurts so much to know that your with someone else, doing the things that i wanted for us. i want to be able to say "if he ever wants to get back with me, im not going to let it happen." but i just can't. i want you back so bad. i just want things to be like the used to be, before things started fucking up for us. i wish i would have never called you and said to come stay the night with me. maybe then we could have still been together, and things could be perfect. i hate you so much because you've done this to me. but i love you so much because i know what we had was real, things just didn't work out the way we wanted. i just want you to be here for me. i miss you so much.
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Dear Rose,

Forget him. Seriously. Your better off without him. Hes a bastard. He breaks up with you and the next day asks that girl Meg out? Trust me, he's not worth your tears. He seemed nice while you were together, but I dont think you should bother crying over him because he really doesnt seem that great. He threw away a card you spent seven hours making him. He asks another girl out the day after he breaks up with you. He rubs it in 24 7.
You dont need him, and someone much much better is gonna come along really soon because your so great.
Oh, and I'm sorry you got into so much trouble last night for being out late with me.
Love forever,
Livi xxxx

Dear Marleigh,
I'm really confused, but I guess I'm going to have to talk to you about it when you come back from Greece.
Drop me a line sometime.
Love you,
Livi xxxx

Dear Weather,
Stay this nice forever.
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