July 20th, 2005

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Dear God,
i hope everything happens for a reason because i cannot understand why you didnt let them buy the house. everything was fine. we did our paper work we were waiting for them to give us their paper work and what happens. they never show up, they never call, they didnt have the stupid paper work to sell this damn house. and i was so excited to move. i tell ya. we had our house all picked out and i loved it and then you change their mind. well i hope they got a house they really really liked even ten times more than my house okay. and i just want to know if someone is going to buy our house really soon because i want to move before school starts. and i certainly dont want to commute. i know i question your exsitense and if you really are Thee God. and yeah so that im certainly going to hell. and i dont even beleive in staying a virgin before marraige. but i do beleive the most important things. like there is a God, Jesus all of those. He died on the cross for our sins. all that shit. but i dont beleive in sex after marraige and the being gay is a sin. i mean come on its NOT A CHOICE. and yeah. all i have to do is keep having faith in you and great things are bound to happen. what about this house? it hasnt sold yet. and what about a boyfriend? i dont see a boyfriend. grr this is all gotten to be one angry letter at you just because the house didnt sell. well here i am asking you to sell the house. i know i have asked for a lot. but this would be good for the whole family. not just me. i dont always think of myself. so yeah. thanks.
you know who this is.

hey guys, i cant wait to see you at camp. i am especially excited to you five. and you know who i want to see the most. its so close. two weeks away. i seriously cannot wait im so excited to see you. i thought you werent going to come for a while but then you could come and i was so happy because if you didnt i wouldnt have neone to be really close with in my cabin because shes going to mexico for the week that camp is happening and it would suck. but i guess i would always have you there even tho we arent as close as me and her we are still pretty close. and you i am the most excited to see you. i love the strong friendship that we have. and you are a pretty cool person yourself. i could tell we clicked when we started to talk. and i am excited to see you too even tho you were a cause for me heartache. its cool now and im excited to see you. its like two weeks guys. its coming up so fast! love you guys