July 19th, 2005


this is what keeps me entertained lately.

dear boys,
thanks for being my entertainment you guys are all really funny. keep on being really really strange because it's really funny.
love ,casey

dear boy,
thanks for making my summer by asking me out. it was the best. not because i was excited but because it was freaking hilarious. i went out on one date with you in march and then outta nowhere at the beginning of this month you started iming me and i haven't seen you since march. and tonight you asked me to be your gf. hahahahaha it was hilarious. also i like how you expect me to not realize you already have a gf when you have pics of her and write i love this girl yadda yadda all over your myspace. hahahaha dear lord that was hilarious. whatever i said yes cause it was freaking funny. ok thanks.
love, casey.

dear r. kelly,
thank you for writing trapped in the closet chapters 1 through 5. also thanks for making that amazing video for it. hahahahaha it was another highlight of my summer. so hilarious. best 14 dollars i've ever spent for your cd to get that dvd and laugh at it. you're like a modern day shakespear with that rhyming ability and drama you win at life. tell me when you wrote this/made this video did you realize a bunch of white "rock" kids would be sitting around laughing at it? i guess you don't care as long as they're dumb enough to buy your cd just to laugh at the dvd. whatever just keep being amazing and i hope 6 through 10 comes out realy quick. thanks.
love, casey and almost everyone she knows.
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Dear: Today's Society and all the fucking idiots in it.

So...I found someone else I know that's apparently bisexual, although I don't think he's told any of his mates. His grandpa and dad apparently 'hate' him now because he's bi.

Part letter, part journal entry. It's in my LJ, but I posted it here so that it could be heard. I don't know if it's any use at all, but I'm so frustrated with this. If people agree, I encourage you to share your views on this, and if you disagree, I would like to hear your views as well :)

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