July 9th, 2005

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i barely know you, but i know that whenever you tell me that blink suck and i'm an american i want to jump your bones so bad. so yeah..just a note to say hope you feel the same.

i'm so mean to you yet you continue to like me, and i'm so schizo you continue to put up with me. it is really odd and i take you for granted and i know i shouldn't. but at the same time you annoy the hell out of me with your childish comments. and thats a low move from me cause your age shouldn't matter. but it does and i can't help it. you do act younger.

dear all the girlfriends who's boyfriends i am friends with.
get off your fucking high horses and let me hang out with them, because i will not steal them off you, and if they leave you then you can believe i wouldn't have begged/forced them to, i wouldnt have even mentioned it. so fuck off messing up my social calender by not letting me hang out with good friends.
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To the person that gave birth to me...and my so called sister.

It's only a few more days till your birthday. I hope you don't think I am going to call you. What about my birthday this year, did you even remember it? I am sure you remembered Elyse's though. Her being your favorite child and all. I mean I totally see why she is too. You two can get high and wasted together. I never knew that was what mothers and daughters do together. I hope you choke on a peiece of cake, or die from all that crack you do. Do you know anything about me? No no why would you. Did you know I've been seriously ill for the last seven months? So Monday if you show up for court, well on the way home I hope you get hit by a car, or your train crashes and your the only one that gets hurt. What's my favorite band? My favorite color? Do you even remember I am graduatin next year? Do you know what I want to do with my life? Well why don't you ask my real mother. The one that takes me everywhere. The one who knows my favorite color. The one that makes fun of me becasuse I am stupid things. The one that will be sitting there next year and give me flowers after graduation. The mother that my children will call Grandma. Becasue they will never meet you. If your even still alive by then. Did you know that I hate seafood? Or that I love apple juice? Do either of you know these things. They only mother and sister I have, live here with me.

I hate you two...


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