July 8th, 2005

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I know I didn't handle things very well last night. I know you wanted me to help you, and I'm sorry I didn't. I just couldn't tell you what you wanted to hear. I am sorry. I really don't know what to say to you for once in my life. I do know this: you're funny, sweet, nice, romantic, friendly, reliable, talented, wonderful, fun, crazy, and amazing. And I know that anyone who doesn't see that isn't worth your time. I wish there was some way to make you believe how great you are...but I guess it's hard to see yourself the way other people see you. I wish you could see in yourself what I and many other people see in you every single day. I know I don't know much about Catrina and it's wrong of me to judge her before I know her, but I just don't like to see you get hurt. I wish I could prevent it, but I know I cannot. I just want you to be happy. You deserve to be happy. And if she makes you happy, by all means, talk to her...work things out with her. If she is what you want, go get her. Don't let anyone or anything stand in the way of what you want. I'm just asking you to think before you leap. She's hurt you more than once...but if you can forgive her for that...and you want her...then you should be with her. There are other people out there that could possibly make you happy, but if you believe being with her is a good thing, trust that judgement. No matter what, I will support any decision you make. I know I'm rambling and all, but I really hope you read all of this. And I hope you don't just blow it off. I'm sorry if this hasn't helped.

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love me

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Dear Mom,

Im sorry for the way i am with you sometimes. When you give me everything i need, and then what i want. you give me so much and try hard to give me even more...Im so spoiled and ungrateful to throw attitude back at you, and act like youre cheating me out of life.

Mom, youre my best friend.

When im away from you i realize how much i need you. I need just knowing that you love me, and that youre here. I need blasting country music in the High School parking lot with you. I miss you, mom. 2 weeks is far too long to be without you.

I just wanted you to know that, despite the way i act sometimes, i love you. Im so glad to have you as my mom, Im so blessed to even know a woman as strong and lovely and fun as you are. I only hope i can be half the mom you are when i grown up.

I love you mom,

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Dear Frankie,

You're my best friend and the only person i've ever been able to talk to.
your poems are gorgeous, you're the only person who could ever write me a letter that could make me laugh and cry.
i hope you know i love you and i miss you terribly.

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