July 7th, 2005

i hate you

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Dear whoever will listen,

I care so much for this guy. I just don't know if I should give him another chance. We were once dating and I fell head over heels for him. I liked him oh so much. He acted like he felt the same way, but the one day he just stopped calling and stopped seeing me at all. Never said another word. Then, a couple weeks ago, he started talking to me again. Called me even. Wants to give "him and I" another chance. I don't know what I should do. I want to, but then part of me is saying "DON'T! He will just hurt you all over again." I am just so confused. Maybe someone who reads this will have some advice for me.

Loves <3,

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I had to say I Love You in a Song..

Dear Joey,

Do you..
Do you remember.. when you said you'd never forget me?
will you..
will you remember that you said you loved me?
And now I sit here alone by the windowsill, tell me now, how do you feel?
Cuz we're not the same
And you're not the same..
And I'm not the same..

Can you..
Can you recall.. the Summer of our fall?
My hands around your waist & I knew I held it all.
The night you left me here, I swore I'd never fall.
And I'll be here to pick up the pieces where we left both left off.
Cuz I'm not gone...yet..
And I won't let me let you forget
my love..
your love..
our love..

Will you..
Will you remember when..you said you'd never forget me?
will you..
will you remember that you said you loved me?
And I loved you..
And you found me..
And i found you..
Remember my love, forever..


p/s - too bad that when we saw eachother again, I didn't get to ask you what I wanted to. And that's if you forgive me.
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Dear You,

How do you think I feel that your ex-girlfriend has been calling you again lately?

How am I supposed to react to her asking you how I am, how we are together?

How is it that I can't get angry at her because I actually like her?

There&#39;s no happy ending so they say

The world just goes away, when you kiss me.

Can you believe it's been six weeks already? It seems like you asked me out just yesterday...and yet, it seems like we've been together forever. Everything just fits, it all clicks. I feel safe when I'm with you, I'm free to be my dorky, nerdy, random, crazy, silly self and you love me for all of it.
I've had people pay me compliments before, but I've usually just shrugged them off and smiled politely. You tell me I'm beautiful, radiant, perfect, wonderful, sexy and irresistable and I know you mean it 100%. When you're holding me I feel beautiful, I'm radiant because you think I am, I try so hard to be perfect for you, I want to be wonderful for you, I feel sexy when you look at me and irresistable when you take me in your arms and kiss me. I've never been called sexy before, but I feel sexy when I'm with you. I love that you apologized just incase you thought you'd offend me by calling me sexy. Far from it dear, I'm so flattered...and so happy that you're the first one to call me that.
I've never felt this way before. I get giddy just thinking of you. The memory of your lips on my skin drives me crazy and I can't wait to see you again. I've been kissed before, but never with such raw love and passion as yours. You know that song "If you wanna know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss," well, I can tell how strongly you feel for me in each kiss. You're soft and gentle, yet urgent and demanding. I really meant it when I said your intoxicating...that's the only way to describe what you do to me. One kiss, one smile, one touch, one laugh, one look, one hug...they're never enough. I'm addicted to you and I can't let go...not that I want to!
I was so excited that it rained on Tuesday night when you took me home. I wasn't kidding when I said that I've always wanted to kiss someone I love in the rain. Thank you for making that happen...I just wish it had been raining harder...ah well, maybe after our movie on Friday, hm? It's supposed to rain then! :D Next on the list is kissing someone I love in the snow...I hope it snows this winter so you can make that wish come true as well. :D
I love you and I'll see you on the morrow. Goodnight, sweet prince, and sweet dreams dear.

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Well i'd break my heart in two..just so you'd notice me..

dear boy..
i'm so stupid for liking you... so stupid for beliveing those over used lines..how could i get caught up in all of this...why do i keep running back to you..it's not like you are the only boy out there..your not even close to perfect, yet you seem so perfect for me..i'm so afraid of what damage you could really do to me if i stay with you....but i'll only bring it upon myself...i'll those girls you talk to...i know you say they are just friends...but if they are just friends...then why spend more time with them, then your own girlfriend..do you realize how much that destroys me..sometimes we go days when we don't see each other, or talk on the phone..tell me what kind of relationship that is..because i've been killing myself trying to figure it out..all i do is think of reasons why i should be with you..and all i come up with is reasons why we shouldn't be together..and i'm so scared of the outcome of being alone..but im even more scared of what it would be like to see myself 2 yrs from now..still in this relationship...getting nothing out of it..wasting my life with you..when i could be in a better relationship with someone who wants to be with me...and not with his cell phone, or with his "friends"..somebody who wants to actually spend time with me..not just want to use me for sex..these are things i think about...maybe you should spend a little more time thinking about them too...the time has passed i've given you all you're chances...

No regrets
dr jan itor

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dear you

i was so relieved hearing your voice on the phone today. knowing those terrorists hadn't got you aswell made me so happy you'll never know. i'm shocked and upset about those other innocent people dying, it's sick. i'm just extremely happy & lucky that you're still alive and you're safe. it made me realise how much i love you and i appreciate you more. ♥


i was worried about you too but i know for certain you're alright.