July 5th, 2005


dear mom,
i love you. i mean, who could ask for anything better. you adopted me, and loved me. and all i am is selfish and annoying.. all i ever say is 'i want, i want, i want...' and i'm sorry. i get you mad all the time.. for not cleaning my room, or being mean to our family. i truly am sorry for everything, but i really don't know what has gotten into me.. i'm so lost right now. i dont know where to go, and i just let out steam by getting mad at you and my brothers.....
your daughter.

dear chris,
ur an awesome little brother, and i dont respect you as much as i should. and i'm sorry for that... i'm always mean to you, and tell you that you are wrong[when you are almost always right]. i yell at you for trying to be nice and i'm sorry..... yesterday when they told you that you couldn't go on the rollercoaster because you were to big. i literally almost started to cry... daddy told me it was a nice thing that i did, [getting off the line to go on a different one with you]. i just wish i could tell you that i admire you......
your older sister.

dear matt,
you are an awesome older brother. we get along pretty well, but i just wanted to let you know that i am perfectly fine with you being gay. i know that our religion doesn't respect that, and i'm beginning to question that. but going with you last week to the gay pride parade was cool. and i love that we bonded.
your little sister.

dear daddy,
i love you. please stop drinking so much.. i know, i know, you say its good for your heart, but its only good if its a glass!! its not healthy when you start @ 2PM and don't stop until you go to sleep. i love you to much to lose you. this year in school was hard for me... not having you come to my concerts broke my heart... you'd always say 'oh yea, i'd love to go to that' but two days before you would make up some stupid excuse about how you had to work.. i hate how you are a workoholic..... change please.
your eldest daughter

dear you.
i love you. i've never told you that before, but i do. i guess i haven't told you that, because i'm scared. scared that you won't love me back... i haven't been able to hug or kiss you in like a week. and i won't be able to for probably another two weeks. i miss you a lot.. this is going to be really hard when i go to college, but its love. and it'll work out right? your parents will be understanding of you long distance relationship, hopefully, and they will let you come visit me. i don't know what else to say, except that i love you.... don't ever forget that.
love, me...

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Dear Brandon,
I hate you for everything you've ever said to me. I hate that you pretend to love me. I hate that you always find some way to make me forgive you. I hate you for telling me I'm beautiful, but I hate you even more for telling it to so many other girls. I hate you for not living up to my expectations...and I hate that I can't live up to yours. I hate the way you hold me. I hate it when you call me "sweetie". I hate when you make me cry. And I hate me for putting myself through all this pain.
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Dear teeth:

Please quit hurting. I want to be able to eat solid foods again. Hurry up and get better.

Dear Gingivitis:

You are bothering me. My teeth and I don't like you. Go away and do not come back ever again.

Dear People Who Read This:

If you are a praying person then stop what you are doing and go pray right now that you never ever get gingivitis. Because it sucks like woah.

<333jecca leigh
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Dear me...

Im glad you have online back. too bad you're already bored. It sucks that nobody is on aim for you to talk to. I wish you had friends. isnt life boring and pointless? I know.


I wish I had people to talk to.

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Dear Jon,

Thank you for loving me.
All this time I've been telling myself you could never feel the same...but you do, and it makes me happier than I could ever imagine.
Your the most amazing guy I've ever met, and you continue to astound me with your depth and beauty.
So, all in all, I just wanted to thank you for being you, and for being there, and for loving me how I love you.
I love you more than anyone.
Me xx
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