July 2nd, 2005

my smile

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Dear Louis,

Don't break my heart. I'm scared that you will. Either that, or we'll fall out of touch or we'll just break up because I dunno. Just because. I like you, and I don't want that to happen. I thought it was really wierd of you to ask me out at the end of the year when you're going to another school, but I'm guessing you thought of that or whatever. I don't know. I really just don't know anymore.

</3 Kat-o
Crazy Random Happenstance

(no subject)

Dear Nathan,
I hate you.
I hate how you can make me fall again just by the sight of you.
I hate how seeing you for the first time in five months makes my heart jump and brings all my feelings back.
I hate how stupid and pathetic you make me feel.
I hate how just catching a glimpse of you makes me want to cut again.
I hate how much I love the thin scar in the shape of an 'N' on my skin.
I hate how you purpously ignore me.
I hate how sick you make me.
I hate your stupid red hat and how it makes me think about you.
I hate how you've been in the newspaper countless times for winning this and winning that.
But most of all, my beloved Nathan, I hate how you make me hate me.