June 28th, 2005

dr jan itor

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I miss you. :( I wish you were here so you could cheer me up. Or even phone me. We could stay on the phone all night like we used to because it's free for me. I miss you so much. You were the only person who understood why "simmer down" was so funny, and everything else. It's so frustrating. I know I said I hated you for what happened but at the same time I still love you. I know what everyone said about you was true but you were also an awesome person.

I'll never find anyone to replace you, I know that, so why can't we be friends again? It's so horrible.
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Dear You,

It makes sense. Six months together, we laugh, we play, we talk, we kiss. We are the 'it' couple that they talk about. We have claims on each other, and get territorial. We hold hands, go out, and I even took you as my Prom date. I spend a lot of time thinking of you, the way you make me feel so genuine. I've loved it. You are mine, and my first.

So why did I freak out so much when you called me your girlfriend?


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Dear You,
You make me so fucking angry sometimes. Then you make so sad most times. I always wonder if you've ever treated your ex girlfriends like this. I wonder if your worth it. I hang up on you cause I dont know what to say when you yell at me for the smallest thing and I think to myself..the nxt time you call I wont answer. I left you before and you know why. You said you'd change and i'll bring that up. then you accuse me for the little things just to get even. Your so immature sometimes and annoying. To tell you the truth..I can't wait till you leave nxt month

ps. If you know it hurts me, then why do you still do it?
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There's no happy ending so they say

You and I collide

Wow...I still can't believe that as of Sunday we've been together for a month already...my how time flies when you're having fun! :D It seems like we haven't been dating that long...and yet it seems like we've been together forever.
Did you notice how my face lit up when you walked into the fitting rooms tonight? My smile turned genuine the moment I saw you...I love the way you make me feel.
I love that I was afraid to kiss you, and I love how you asked if you scared me when you first kissed me. I love how you treat me. I love that you walk me to my door and kiss my goodnight. I love that you sent me an e-mail telling me you'd miss me if you got selected as a juror, that you love me and letting me know that we've been together for a month. I love how after we hang out my shirt always smells like you and that I sit there, holding my shirt to my face and just breathing in the scent of you. I love how you call me crazy and then tell me not to change because you love that about me. I love how you are such a nerd...but not so much of one that it's annoying, like I told you earlier tonight, it adds to your quirky charm. I love how I get all silly and giggly whenever I talk about you. I love that you were bummed because you might not get see me this week. I love that I feel genuinly loved and safe when I'm in your arms. I love that you come and visit me at work, even though it's awkward because I can't drop everything and give you all the attention I want to. I love how I wanted nothing more than to hug you and give you a kiss tonight, but I had to settle for a high five. I love how I'm going to be glued to your side tomorrow night at bowling. I love how forlorn you sounded on Saturday night when we were saying goodbye for who knew how long. I love the "P.S. Incase you didn't know, I love you" that you included in your e-mail on Sunday night. I love that I should be sleeping right now instead of typing this up. I LOVE YOU.

Sweet dreams be yours dear, if dreams there be
Sweet dreams to carry you close to me

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