June 16th, 2005

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What the fuck??!?? How can I be annoying you if I never see you? Am I getting on your nerves or just the memory of me? Or are you just going along with everyone else *coughANDREWcough*. You've turned out to be a two-faced bitch.

Not So Much Love
The Girl Next Door

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Dear Robert:
I know that you joining the Navy is a good thing, but I wonder... Will that change our relationship? I know there are times when we just dont talk (like the past month) but eventually we do talk again. I know that when you get there, it might be a LONG while before we talk again. Robert, I love you, and I hope you know that. And, even though you dont feel the same way, there's still a bit of hope in me that you *someday* will. I dont want you to go, but its not my decision to make. I hope you made the right choice, and I'll always stand by you with every choice you make (even if its not to my best interest). Im gonna miss you (I already do). Im hope you the best of luck.
I love you,