June 12th, 2005

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dear anyone,
so, i did something dumb.
my ex-boyfriend dumped me a few months ago, and i didn't stop liking him one bit. but about a couple weeks ago, i realized that he probably was never going to want me back, so i lied and told him i was over him in hopes that it'd make us better friends, at least. which, it did.

now i'm hearing that he does still like me.
and i have a TERRIBLE memory, seriously. and so i kept wondering, well, why isn't he telling me?! he KNOWS i'm still practically in love with him.

then, i remembered...and school is ending soon and i'm afraid we're going to leave for the summer liking each other still...and then come back and have it all be wasted.
but i'm also afraid to tell him i lied because, what if everyone's wrong and he DOESN'T like me? then i'll just look stupid. what do i do about this?
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