June 10th, 2005

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Dear mom:

it isnt my fault the door fell off. Holy fuck. You had no right to come running in my room because we live in a shitty house and the door falls off. It isnt my fault. Im not gonna say sorry for yelling at you and telling you you deserved it when dad slammed you with that other door making you fall and get hurt... because, you did deserve it!

~your daughter.


where are you? I think its funny how you're gonna walk in my room at 5:30 am and expect me to be happy about this. Im going to be tired.


Stomach-STOP BEING HUNGRY..you arent fat yet... but you're gonna be one day if you keep this up.

Dear me:


Thank you-
Isabelle at the looking glass
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1)Dear Mom,
I wish that I, your firstborn, had been the better-looking daughter and not the talented one so that you would have someone to show off, not contend with. Except I don't really wish that, I just wish you could be happy with me.

2)Dear Liam,
despite the fact that I don't like you that much, I am really, really sorry that you are going to be institutionalized.

3)Dear Paul,
despite that I love you as a brother, you are a selfish fuck sometimes.

4)Dear Kathleen,
Please don't hurt yourself with this eating disorder. I can't stand to have another friend go through that.

5)Dear Susie,
Thank you for being so understanding about Graham. I love you, even when I hate you.


i'm not really sure...

it's wierd because im sitting here.... listening to a really sad song, and drinking some shit i find in the fridge cos im all alone at the moment... and i feel like complete shit. and the worst part is .. is that you love me. you love me but i feel like crap. it's took me literally months of being friends and then going out with you to maybe finally understand that you love me. when you dont think much of yourself it's hard to imagine someone else wants to be with you. and i have alwyas felt stupid cos i dont want to sound like an atention seeker rambling on about how i dont think im good enough for you, cos being told i am wont make me feel any better at all.
you go on holiday for a week and the day i see you, the day i say bye again for you to go to download. its been worrying me for months.. the pretty people balh blah there.. but i just started hacking it when i hear even though you said there was no point in drinkin/ smokin / drugs cos you want ot remember the bands.. you go and do it the furst night anyway? well wot the fuck am i sposed to do??? here i was two weeks ago.. wen i got pissed up town and you had a go at me about saying people shouldnt do it around lots of lads if htey think they r goin to cheat.. but i did anyway. i felt soo bad then, and thought nah i wont drink, cos id rather be with you etc.. but your aparently drunk at download.. with thousand of girls? i really cant be assed. im soo angry- yet, on some levels i shouldnt be. im just fed up of worryin wen i know im being stupid, or thinking now what the fuck are you upto.. and i got this for a whole fuckin weekend. i am soo anoyed, and its reducing me to tears again. i mso pathetic. but dont worry, im never gona tell you anyway. and ye.. im drinkin tonyt, but good on me cos il only be around four girls.... hmm you'll be around thousands/ .
i always manage to feel like this about the stupidest things.. but really this just cant get much of a worse feeling. yeh.. everyone must think im really stupid, cos its like i feel really alone now:( but sorry to waste evryones space/time on this post
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dear you,
you just blew me off for your band.
even though you're coming over in a few because you really want to see me.
sometimes i don't believe it.
i'm leaving in less than 2 months to another country for a year.
guess i'm just a notch in your bedpost..but you're just a line in a song
you put me through so much shit, i wonder why i put up with it.
but then i remember the feeling i get when you kiss me on the forehead.
so i'll never let you go.
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Dear Broken Heart,
I know I haven't spent much time trying to put you back together but this time I swear I wont stop till you're one. I'm sorry, it's not fair for me to leave you in peices while I cry. But you've been broken so often, I don't know which peice goes where...Oh boy, this is hard. I don't think this will work out, I'm giving up.