June 9th, 2005


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To all of you,

It's like you change your minds about who your best friend is every month or something. One moment, you love someone so much and won't stop saying how much you care about them, and the next you go on about someone else. Like you've just forgotten the other person. Now I'm sorry for judging, I'm just finding it really hard to keep up.

by flavuh

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i know you don't know this but im falling for you... its the way you hold me, make me feel special... the way you make me smile and laugh and know everythings okay. i know that if things keep going this way we will be together hopefully for a long time and ill always remeber how you whispered in my ear when i told you i was scared and said you would never ever hurt me; you wernt like them. thank you..

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Dear People Who Need to Lighten Up,

Why are you doing this? You have no reason. I have never done anything to you. Why are you hurting me this way? I love him. He loves me. That's all that matters. So we are teenagers. So what? Have you never been young before? Have you never loved someone so much that you would do anything that you had to do to be with them? Because that is the way we both feel. Why do you think he has been lying to you and sneaking out? Getting grounded... threats of being thrown out of the house... he's not doing it for fun. He's doing it because he loves me more than anything and you are trying to keep us apart. He doesn't deserve it. Have you EVER stopped to think what you are doing to him? You're hurting him so much. You don't even know me. You won't bother to take time to get to know me. I don't understand why. Give me a chance. I'm not a bad kid. I'm not going to do anything to hurt him. I tried so hard to make you like me. I did the best that I could do. I tried everything that I could think of. It still wasn't good enough. I don't know what else I could have done, but I can't help but think that there was something. Something that I could have said or done that would have proven to you that even though I'm young I'm mature for my age. I'm not some stupid kid who acts 12 years old. If you would just take some time to talk to me I'm sure you could see that. You won't win this. I won't let you take the best thing that has ever happened to me away. We love each other, and neither of us is giving up. I'm ready to fight you if that's what I need to do. I'm ready to kiss your stupid butt if it would just make you quit hurting him this way. I'll do whatever I have to. So will he. So, I'm sorry about everything that is going to happen. I know it will make you hate me more if you ever find out about it, but that's a risk that I'll just have to take until you can accept me.

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dear muffy
what the fuck. you knew i wanted my stuff, and i was coming for it and said i wanted it, but you left anyway. you left your house without my stuff. ok. you then proceeded to fucking leave me on my own to walk (granted i wasnt but i was going to) when you know you were much earlier than normal. that was so selfish and lazy. that's my stuff. you know i wanted it. you knew i'd be round. and you left. and then you just brushed it off. i mean that is harsh even by your standards. and then you and george gang up on me ALL THE FUCKING TIME and i'm supposed to take it. and what do i get in return. what do i actually get. nothing. i get that friendship is supposed to be give and take etc but you guys do fuck all for me. i'm just being harsh now but i so could have totally gone off on one. just stop taking me for granted.
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Im Sorry.

Dear Black Shirt,

Im sorry im doing this to you..
ruining your already happy life
You've been through so much
and now you finally have a happy moment you would like to hold onto
then i come along.
an old flame.
to ruin it all
and make you hate yourself for doing what you do with me.
we've liked each other for so long
ive been able to have you for such a long time
then when i cant. i want you.
is it just a coincidence?
i want you
i think i need you
i think i love you
is that saying too much?
i think it is.
i feel so fickle.
i wish i could be with you
you are happy with her
she is happy with you
i am happy with you.
but i find you with someone else
you find me with someone else
then i find myself in your arms again
knowing its wrong
maybe thats why we do it
all the caged emotions
in there so long
for years
knowing its not the right time
ill wait for you
you wait for me
you'll have your chance
ill have mine
until then
dont forget me.

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Dear You.
I'm sorry for all the things i've done to wrong you. I'm sorry I'm a crappy girlfriend. I wish i could tell you how it feels to be me sometimes. sometimes i feel like you don't get it. or either you do and you don't want to get it. i wish i could make up for all the things i've done wrong, but if you only knew what i was giving up then you'd know . we're going to make everything work; because we always do, and that's the way it'll always be. because you're safe.

ps. hey guys i'm new, i could use some new friends

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dear you...

i love you.. a ton... more like a ton x infinity...
im getting scared of what im going to do next year.
you wont be a 15 minute car ride away. you'll be an hr and a half car ride away.
but i know that you'll always be a phone call away.
and thats something that comforts me.
just hearing your voice, i know im safe...
i love you ♥

♥ me....

''i hold the phone when i'm alone
i imagine that it rings then hold it to my ear
and wish that you were there to sing me off to sleep
be with me in my dreams for the days you will be gone
you'll be there in my dreams and in this song..."
--[mxpx] ♥ ♥