June 3rd, 2005

Created by ami_kun

.::Deary Dear::.

Dear Mi Amor,

I want you to know now..what I believe in..since we've been seperated...

I believe in the taste of mint in the Jersey morning air,
the cherry on top of every ice cream sundae,
the second line to every other blind lyric,
the attatchment of every bullet and handgun in a pair,
the kisses on a injury that makes it all better,
the hero of every fairytale,
the dreams that will be sweet or become sweetened.
But I don't believe in so called "poets" who have a right to label themselves like the rest of society.
I believe in the Adam's apple of every male's neck,
easily felt sliding a fingertip down the throat,
I believe in the butterflies of every hope left fighting for,
I believe in the "good fight' never publicized,
And I believe in the fact you can look into a pair of eyes, at least one pair, and be able to see their whole life story in just one glance
And yes..I miss you..I do..I love you..but we're done...
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