May 20th, 2005


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Dear Israel,
Look I know I've been living here a while but I'm still not sure what to think of you. I mean the Kotel was great, and shabbat services are even better. I like the kosher food and all, and I also like that I get holidays off. Independence day was a hard party and amazing. But your citizens are actually intolerable. A majority of them are uneducated douches who can't even appriciate that I left my home to be in a holy place. I just thought you should start learning some matters and get a viable recycling program going. You may want to consider not withdrawing from Gaza either, just an idea, seeing as how you elected someone who promised they wouldn't. Tell him from me that I think even if he's brave he's a failure to his people right about now. Also I realize that trashcans are a great place to hide bombs but maybe we could develop a betterw way to dispose of our trash than throwing it on the floor. Another thing all of your youth smokes cigarettes like its nothing. You might want to consider teaching them that they are killing themselves voluntarily doing one of the most disgusting illogical habits known to man. Just thought you should know, in case like, you were completely oblivious to the state of yourself?

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Dear Kyle,

You are very very _______. I can't even think of the word right now.
FYI, you're much better looking than he. I only said that to him as a joke.
Please, please, PLEASE get over it.


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Dear you,

I'd love to replace 'dear' with another four lettered word, but I'm nicer than that. And I'm much nicer than Mindy I do believe. But that was funny and pretty much true.
I guess it doesn't really matter anymore, but a reason that I didn't want you at UL was not only that you'd be losing the money, because I knew you could get it back, but also, that I didn't want to see you for a year after that, at least. Now, that time is indefinitly longer.
But you don't really seem to be allowing me to do that. I still hear little things around.
Your true colors are dull...You might want to find some new ones, or people who are easily impressed. That second one would probably be better.
Find your own place and stay out of my world. You really don't belong here, especially right now, as welcoming as we were.
Maybe you can go to your religious friends. They seem to still like you despite your dirty picture escapade.
And please, please, if you see me at UL, just keep walking.
Because that's what I'll do.
Unless you're with someone else that I kinda know.
I'll wave at them.
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Dear Steven,
Do you see me? I'm not hiding, that's for sure. I really would appreciate a little attention coming from you. Is it so hard to ask, that you concider me as more then a friend? Yeah, I guess it is. I don't know your past, maybe you've been hurt before or you're just not ready to taste a little bit of what love has to offer but if that's the case then tell me. I want you so bad and I'de prefer honesty to more lies and more suffering. If I had to ask God for one thing, if I got to pray just one more time I would aks him to fix your gaze on mine and just concider me and my heart. I wish there was a man in the trees, blowing leaves on me, trying to get the wind to carry my bad memories away. If they were gone boy would I be unstopable. Free to do as I wish to my pristine heart. Yeah, that's heaven on earth. But until then I'll live in my own personal hell waiting for your phone call.

I'll wait forever,

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Dear you,
So I guess within the last 24 hours things have severely changed. Around this time last night, we basically ended all conversation. Since then, all I get from you are one-word answers...Apparently we didn't "click" as much as you said we did. And that's really shitty.
Thanks for getting my hopes up.
love rachel.

Dear other you,
I don't think since day one this has ever stopped. You seem to like seeing me in this position and I can't stand that someone would subject me to this torture. I hate to admit it but, I like it.. I like that you pay enough attention to how I'm feeling to know that you're killing me and to know that I like it. My mentality is shaken and stirred because of all this "pain" you put me through. But it's not pain if you like it, I guess. I like where we stand at this point in time, but I can't help wondering how things would be if I never lied and told you I stopped feeling this way, I can't help wondering how you might feel if I had never said that. I don't like wondering.