May 19th, 2005

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Dear Parents,

If I want to fail, let me fail. Stop babying me and watching over me 24/7.. I'm 16, I drive, I can take care of myself. I don't need you guys to call me if I'm 1 minute over curfew. Let me fucking live. These are the best days of my life, and I can't live them how I want because of you guys.

How come you let Dustin do whatever he wants, but I can't? When he was my age, you let him go out until 4 in the morning! You never took his car away.. you let him go out on school nights. I am no different from him. Matter of fact, I think I'm better. I have never gotten a ticket, whereas, he has gotten 8 tickets in a MONTH! I am more mature than him, and I have more common sense.

I know right from wrong. I haven't done anything wrong, except skip school! Dustin did it all the time, and he never got introuble! He never had his car taken away! It's not fair..

I wish you guys left me alone. I don't enjoy your company, thats why I'm always in my room. I hate when you talk to me.. Just leave me alone for once. I honestly can't stand you guys.


First time writing

Dear You,

I actually do hate you a little bit right now. I hate it even more that I have to think about you everyday. I really wish I didn't because it makes me hate myself. Brilliant? Honestly, the only reason I'm writing is because knowing me as soon as I'm in America I'll call you. You won't answer though because well that's what you are best at. I don't get you, I probably never will. Sometimes you are the most frusterating person, which the obvious reason I like you, and probably the obvious reason why I honestly want to break your nose. So I stopped to think last night when I was with someone else why I couldn't stand their voice, because they actually have a perfectly fine voice, and they were being rather nice to me, and I had gone out of my way to straighten my hair and look pretty, and then I just couldn't stand them. I'm assuming its because no matter what I do I'm settling for less if its not you, which makes no sense now considering that if I could fight anyone, and all joking aside it isn't Ernest Hemingway, or Lincoln, or my father (thank you Fight Club) its you. You bring out the worst in me and you also bring out the best in me. So I'd really just like to punch you out right now and never have the urge to hear your voice again. I saw Lyndsey Himmel at the Kotel. She was in Nivo with us. She couldn't remember my name, but she remembered me with you. Joe went to prom with Bonnie. He actually looks strikingly similar to you. Bonnie thinks its hilarious. I would think it's hilarious except I think Joe is the huggest douche to ever live, besides Bonnie's father. We always fall for the ones like our dad right? That's what you told me in Nivo. Right after you told me you were obsessed with outer space and were positive there were alien beings probably superior to us. I hate outerspace, and I don't believe in aliens. So instead you just star gazed with me and stopped talking about outerspace. I have to apply to UF by July (they changed their policy), and then I wondered if you were going to apply to UF, or if we're ever going to see each other again. I don't want to go home and date Chris who actually has no mind. I don't want to go home and date crazy Andrew who can't be anything but serious. I want to date the guy who can't actually match his clothes, who would drink straight from the carton and probably does when he can get away with it, who shuffles around in his socks and a sweatshirt on a regular basis, and who is obsessed with his sense of humor. What I'm trying to say is, can you please come visit me, or let me visit you when I get home?


Also since i know you are going to see Star wars immediately... I hope its everything you thought it would be and more

My First Letter to You

Dear you,

I like you. I think you know that. From what I can tell, you like me, as well...unless that's how you act with everyone...mreh. I hope it's not. :) I barely know you. It's not uncharacteristic of me to fall for someone I've just met...most of my failed relationships ended because I didn't really know the person I was dating.

Still...there's something about you. Something special. And I like it alot.

So...let's see how this goes. Let's take this slowly. Let's get to know each other. I'll tell you all the things you need to know about me before we start dating. All the basics, plus a few the mistakes I've made just recently. And then, if you still want me, we'll go from there.

I have to warn you, I'm not the easiest person to date. I'll try to be entirely honest with you about everything; I promise. But that might not be so easy for me. I don't want to run you away...I don't want to scare you into thinking that we can't work out. We can. We just both have to try...perhaps I'll have to try more than you will..but I'm willing if you are.

I don't want you to be a rebound person. might be months until we actually start dating...but who knows? Maybe it will only be a couple of weeks.

Forgive me for not following up on this sooner...I was a little scared at first. But now, I'm ready.


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Dear Matt,

I feel like taking a trip down memorie lane. But what if it hurts too much or I get so caught up I miss my train back to reality? No, that won't happen. You know I miss you and I know I miss you but I'm not ready to have you.

Do you remember...Collapse )

I love these memories.


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Dear Alex,

You looked at me today. Twice. Maybe more. We said hi. We waved. We texted. We shared a moment.
I still love you.

♥ Elizabeth

Dear Samm, Michael, and everyone else near Alex after 3rd period,


Love Me

Random short, meaningless except to me, letters

Dear "You",
I want things to go back to normal with you. Back wyhen we could spejnd hours on the phone with each other and laugh about nothing and conversation would flow so easily and things weren't so "awkward". I know things changed between us, but it doesn't mean our friendship (yes, there was a friendship there) has to change too. Now it seems like we barely know each other. Monosyllabic responces to each other's questions....we haven't talked for a good 5 minutes at a time since things went awkward and that was...a few weeks ago, I believe? Why is it like this? Do you secretly just hate me and never want to talk to me again? I know if I were to ask you you would say no and say that it was just you, that you've been in a bad mood, or thinking a lot, or something like that, but firstly, I don't think you would have the guts to say yes even if it was/is true, and secondly, I'm paranoid, these thoughts constantly run through my head, especially when people give them reason to. And I hate how I can't bring this up with you. I hate how I know i'll never give you this letter, and wouldl hate someone if they did. I just...I don't know. Most of all, I hate that I'm writing this to a community instead of telling you this to your face. I hate my cowardice for not telling you and taking the easy way to let my emotions out.And I hate that I'm going to end my letter so uneloquently and quickly right here..


Dear Town,
Stop sucking so much. Get something to do besides the plaza. It became boring after the first 3 times of hanging there. It's not cool unless you go with your friends, and even then, it gets boring going anfd looking through the same stores that never seem to get anything different. At least the old town had a movie theater (not like I ever went to it, but if I wanted to, I could have...I was too young to go on my own, damnit...) and people who would actually invite me to do stuff with them occasionally, and friends within walking distance who wouldn't mind me walking up to their doors and ringing their doorbells. You have a plaza and one or two disinterested friends within walking distance with the rest of them rarely remembering you exist outside of school and when they do recognize it it's at the worst possible time. Meh...


Dear Me,
Why are you like this? Why are you all whiney and mopey. Your friend and you have become awkward. It's okay, you'll both get through it, and if not, there are other friends to be had. You and your boyfriend broke up last week, but it's not a big deal, you saw that it was coming and why it was going to happen and were gonna do it anyways but he beat you to the punch.Why are you spazzing so much? Why are you in such a bad mood? Is this a random bout of teenage angst? Why are you all mopey and angsty for no reason. Seriously, if it's for no reason, you should stop because...well, there's no reason for it. That's it. I'm sorry self, really need to lighten up. seriously. Life goes on, and you've gotten through worse without a problem. Stop being a spoot


Dear iPod,
Get a bigger battery. You go dead at the most inopportune moments. I know it's my fault for not charging you, but you'd think the battery would last for longer than a day... >_<...Also, stopbeing posssed. Yo uknow what I mean..randomly turning yourself all the way off as if you had a battery failure, then turn it back on to find a 3/4 filled battery like you did yesterday. Whatever demon you have living in you...kick it out. I know i didn't push any buttons, so therefore, it must be some annoying spirit thingie, which means that you must expell it, because I spent too many paychecks that I could have been putting towards other stuff on you for you to be demons inside of you. Bad iPod, bad. Stop it...


Dear Life,
Why have you been crappy so far? I mean, I understand, every life has it's trials, But it seems like you;ve been throwing them at me with disturbing regularity since I was 5 or 6, when you through that "doozy" of a one at me. Dude, you suck, start being nice to me, and I'll start being nice to you


Dear people on my buddy list,
Stop being spoots and talk to me so that I actually have something to do instead of coming across as a whiney angsty teenager ith no regard for anything for herself. 'Cause that really annoys people. I don't like to annoy people. And 'm usually not whiney or angsty. So c'mon, help a good friend out...


Dear Self,
Stop writing cryptic, meaningless letters to the community and annoying the nice peoples. Also, stop trying to throw random humor into said letters. It doesn't work well. I'm sorry, it doesn't.

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Baby won't you walk me home, I don't wanna go all the way alone, baby won't you walk with me home

Dear you,
Thanks for walking with me to English today...I sat there for a few minutes after we parted at the door grinning and feeling giddy as a school girl. It was super cute how you patted me on the shoulder and told me to have

You make me smile. :D

I've decided to wait patiently for you to ask me out. I don't want to be a rebound I will wait until you feel you're over her enough to persue another relationship...possibly one with me.

Why, you ask?...because...I think I love you

"...good night sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

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