May 16th, 2005

'i'll fight like hell/to hide that i'm giving up...'

dear you,
how fucking dare you. six years of this shit, and you want me to do it again? no way.

dear you (II),
i got your letter. i got your photograph. i stared at it for hours, trying to glimpse the real you behind the kid with the blank stare in uniform. i couldn't find you.

dear immune system,
thanks a lot.
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(no subject)

Dear Megan,

Whatever happened to you and/or your friends, I had nothing to do with it. I don't even know what "it" is. Your friend accused me because you and I would like to see each other dead. Well that's just not fair. Quit pointing fingers at people whose lives you've ruined, or one day I might be in on one of those many diabolicale plans to kick your sorry freshman ass.


Dear Samm,

If Megan's so sure it was me who did this (although I still don't even know what it is), why can't she ask me herself? Why do you have to fight her battles on the fucking internet? Tell Barbie to be a big girl and say something to my face.


(no subject)

Dear Community....

love me.

lol go join: 


thx a lot peoples! lmao

Dear emily,
dont be sad
love me

Dear David,
dont you dare break cassie's heart..shes been thru enough wit you already.
from me

dear ne one,
dont you feel lost sum times..lyke you dont belong...cant seem to find out why you do wut you do and why you say wut you say. talk the way you talk, talk to who you do.  ever wonder wut we would be if none of wut we have now was ever here.  ever wonder why your always so confuzed?
i do....
love me...

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(no subject)

Dear AP Testing,

Why must you be so stressful?

Crossing my fingers,

PS- Here's an idea: Pass ALL of my tests. With FOURS. Or FIVES even. Just putting it out there...

Dear My Junior Year,

You've been good to me. Thank you for my first boy, my first love, my first true best friends, my first time snowboarding, my first 4 hour phone call, first real fight, first time dealing with the stresses of college and post-high school life, and first truly amazing experience. A lot of growing and learning.

It's been fun,

Dear Senior Year,

You better be all you're cracked up to be.


Dear Prom,


Can't Wait,

Dear You,

How are we so dang awesome?

Maybe it's just me,
Jas. <3
FOTC - Shakers!

(no subject)

Dear Austin,

I love how seeing you after weeks of not seeing you can change my whole day, and just everything that is bad. You change it to good without knowing it.

I love how you can remind me why I fell in love with you in the first place. Even though we only see each other for a half an hour or maybe less.

I love how you say my name when I approach you. And how you make me smile when you say it without even knowing it.

I love how you smell, and it takes me back to when we first met.

I love it when you beckon me to come over to you. Even for silly things like water.

I love how you make me forget everything that I want to tell you. Even if I want to say them to you badly.

I love you, Austin.
And I will give you that previous letter to you. And it won't be to late.

Yours truly,
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