May 8th, 2005

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Dear Peter,
It was really fun hanging out with you on Friday at Julia and Mike's sweet 16. You were such a gentleman and so respectful the whole time. Sorry that I wouldn't hook up with you. I really wanted to, but I've been with Chris for almost two years now and that wouldn't have been right. I'm glad though that you understood that, and you still wanted to hang out with me. You're an awesome dancer by the way. I can't wait to see you this summer, and who knows what will happen then!

Dear Chris,
I was such a good girlfriend at the party. I didn't hook up with anyone! I wanted to soo badly, but I love you and I would never be able to bring myself to do that to you. I just hope you trust me like I think you do. The thing is though, I don't really know what will happen over the summer with everything. Maybe we should be free to do what we want over the summer, and get back together before school starts next year like we did last summer. That ended up working out really well for us. I know that you'll never go for this though. You know I'll hook up with lots of guys, and you'll get pissed as hell, I understand.

Dear Myself,
That party was incredible. THAT is where I'm supposed to be. I love my town, friends, school, and boyfriend, but I just fit in sooo much better there! Peter was so sweet, and I know he's perfect boyfriend material, if he didn't live in another state. Ahh what the fuck am I talking about?! I love Chris so much, and I don't know if I would be able to live my life without him in it. But Peter's everything I always wanted .. smart, athletic, respectful, awesome dancer, interesting, and JEWISH! Ugh I guess we'll see what goes on this summer!

tonight, not again...

dear you,
you have four more days left and then you are coming back home. you never have to go to albany again if you don't want to. i'm not judging your decision - you know i want you to be happy. i know this past year has been especially hard on you, what with your father abandoning you, ** gone to the army to fight away his problems, *** on to a better life with her teaching and recent engagement, and **** missing and nobody can find him anywhere. you know that i am always here for you, but i just want to say it one more time. you are never alone. i am always one step behind you. when you called last night i couldn't figure out between the words and the tears...i know it is hard and i love you so don't give up now, when you are so close to breaking free.
me. xxx
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dear kevin,

fuck you.


dear crystal,

wtf?! what was going through your mind? you know i like kevin.. hell! he is my fucking ex boyfriend. you have no fucking right to fucking kiss him. your supposed to be my friend, and then you go and kiss him?!? ESPECIALLY WITH ME RIGHT THERE! i don't get you. you fucking screwed up. i can't look at you the same... ughhh. why crystal? why?!

you disgust me,

dear heart,

its time to break in two..

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To you.

Did you know I miss you? That I think about you all the time? About how badly you messed things up when you got with her. About how I can never go back. About how we can never go back. Did you know that I think about how you told me you loved me? And then how you took it back two days later. Did you know that I'd give anything to hold your hand in perfect silence, with nothing to stand in our way of happiness. Did you know that I was lost after we stopped talking? That there was a big empty space in my chest that used to be filled by my heart.

Did you know that I love you?

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Dear Daddy,
Thank you for taking me to see Green Day and My Chemical Romance. I had a really great time.

Dear Mommy,
Happy Mommy's Day! (Thank you for buying the tickets for the concert.)

Dear Kimmie,
Sorry you couldn't go to the concert, but I hope you like the shirt I got you.

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