May 6th, 2005


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dear self, again,

you didn't listen. EVERYONE ELSE IS RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG. he likes you and everything will be fine. you're just worried because of other crap. get it in your head.


... my brain won't listen to me o.O

i hope you sing along & you're still alive. i need to keep you like this in my mind.

dear bogdan::
my biggest secret is this; i like you more than all of my other friends. i think you're perfect in every way, and i'm SO glad to have you as my friend. you make me feel happier than any other person has ever been able to do. you're a one of a kind guy, and emily is extremely lucky to be able to call you her boyfriend. i would say i'm jealous, but i don't think that i really am. i'm too focused on other people right now. but i really wish that you wouldn't be so whipped by her. and i wish that you would spend more time with your friends, and not just her. she's not treating you right all the time. i can't remember the last time you gave me a hug... and really, i miss that. i miss your hugs. they made me feel safe and carefree... and everything positive. hot damn. it's incredible that i don't have a crush on you, isn't it? you're not only the sweetest guy i know, but you're the funniest. we never stop laughing when we're together. i love laughing with you. you & i are the funniest people together. you bring out the good in me.
to be completely, 100% honest... i was truly happy when i found out that i was your number one on that 'iFlurtz' thing**. i guess i felt like that was finally my 'in' to your life. and really, it was. we got closer after it. we're 'soulmates'. haha.. good god. i'm so happy i know you. i can't say that enough. this past year has been awesome with you in it. i don't think i could've made it without you, really.
i love you kid. i hope we know each other forever. it'd be sad to ever lose you.

♥, Claire.

[ note: ** = the 'iFlurtz' thing was a little graph that my school put out on Valentines Day that showed you who you were most compatible with in the school. you filled out this little survey, and they matched you up. and out of 1000 or so students, I was Bogdan's number one (out of 10 listed), and he was my number five. ]

dear colin::
i remembered your name. you were whatshisface the other day, but that reminded me too much of roy (sigh).
you're an asshole.
you have exactly a week to make an effort to be friends.
you're out. (it's just like baseball. 3 strikes & you're out).
and i will tell you goodbye. and i might just have to push you into a wall & punch you or something drastic. maybe kiss you, even. because we both know how much i like you. like. fuck it..
and you'll be grossed out.
but i'll feel good about it.
are you sick of this yet? because i am. i miss you.
your... un-friend, (for the while)


dear lilly::
i'll ask you one more time, please stop hanging all over ryan. i'm starting to really really really like him, and it's upsetting when you do that.
thanks in advance,

dear ryan::
we're both computer geeks. we've established that.

i mean it.
and i like you, like... a lot.
you're my florist (hah.)

<3 Claire

dear jacqueline::
would you consider me your best friend?
because i consider you mine.
from: claire.

dear fall out boy::
i bought "From Under The Cork Tree" on wednesday...
and i must say,

this is the best 10 dollar investment that i have ever made. by far. i have listened to it ... mmmm, way too many times to count.
it's pure excellence.

p.s., patrick, you're hot & you've got sexy lips. hah.
and the lyrics you write aren't too shabby either.
too bad i relate to them WAY too much.

your insanely faithful fan,
Claire <3

dear &
you're my favorite websites.

just thought i'd let you know.


dear colin::
yes, to you again. i don't feel like scrolling up to the other part of the letter.
please get online tonight.
i have like. a lot to talk to you about, as i'm sure you know.
or maybe you don't know, and you haven't noticed that you've been ignoring me.
either way. please? you have NO idea how happy that'd make me...
(hi, copeland lyrics for you::: "if you find yourself here on my side of town, i pray that you'd come to my door. and talk to me like you don't know what we ever fought about, 'cause i don't remember anymore.")
i'm sure you know i lied when i said one week, right?
i'll wait forever.
it seems like i have anyway.
you're worth it.
i'm sending mixed messages like crazy. i'm so sorry. but you're just
a stupid fucker.
stupid stupid stupid.
you've called me awesome, but apparently i'm not. you make me feel so so so bad about myself.


Colin, you're online. talk to me now, please?
Edit:::: (again)
Goddamnit. You tease me too much. Please get online, and STAY online. For more than a minute.
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