May 1st, 2005


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Dear Robert:
You're over here at my house right now, but you're watching a movie. You dont know im on the computer writing you this. Im sorry i told you i love you. I know you got mad. And i know that you forgive me. But, why must i be sorry that i love you? Why does it make you mad? Im sorry if i fucked with your mind. I couldnt tell you in person, so i wrote you an anonymous message. I know that's where i messed up. You told me that i know i can tell you anything, but i cant. Im sorry. I love you.


it's a luscious mix of words & tricks

dear community-ers,
hello, i'm christine, and i'm super rad.
&i think that's all you really need to know.
check the journal if you want to add,
otherwise, i'll get on with it.

dear s.e.,
it's kind of funny,
because i asked for this.
and i'm sorry,
i can't control my jealousy.
i never meant to complicate anything.
it was absolutely unjustified.
even though nothing's screwed up between us,
nothing will be the same.
and in the end,
it's not kind of funny - at all.

dear e.t.,
no, you're incredibly enticing.
and equally as worth it.
it's hard to keep wanting you from so far.
let me in?

dear bio sat 2,
let me pass you.
let me do amazing.
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