April 30th, 2005

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Dear matt,

You loser! Why are you making it so hard for me to say goodbye and mean it? Is that what you boys do after having your heart broken? You make her regret everything? When you told me I was worth every tear you made me cry. You made me cry but I deserved it. You are the sweetest boy i'v ever met but I won't go back on my decision! I'm not ready for you. Stop making me want you more and more and more. Ok? Just go away...

Don't go Matt I want you again. I want you because I feel like I'm in love again. Mixed signals are my specialty. Am I confusing you? I hope not but you're confusing me so I guess it's best if we're at the same place. Did you know I miss you?


P.S Stop it!

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dear friends without boyfriends,

i love you guys, i truely do. just because i hang out with jake and lauren and mike more doesnt mean that you dont mean anything to me. your the best people i know and something as little as jealously shouldn't make us stop talking like we use to. i just wish you would tell me when your feeling angry or left out instead of holding it in and talking to other people about it.

dear kayla,

i can't stand you, you lied and lied, you stole and stole, you acted like you were someone else. i'm done with it, i'm done with you making me miserable and i'm done with you stealing my undergarments and i'm done with you acting like me. just don't take my dana away from me.

dear vince,

yeah, i did like you and yeah you did like me but now i'm in love with jake so that means you have to stop acting like this. we're never going to date, i'm not going to cheat on jake with you so just give it up.

dear dana,

i miss you so much, don't let her take you into her demented life.


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dear Colin:
you make me miserable

(but you don't care.)

your friend,

p.s., i'm not done writing you. i have a lot more to say. a lot more that you won't care about, but i'm telling you anyway.
swing life away

Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

Stop thinking. Stop analyzing. You spend too much time thinking and analyzing everything, and in the end you come to conclusions that just upset you even more. I never thought of myself as being one of those depressed people who want to put a gun to their head, but in a sense I am. These thoughts have only made me realize this. Of course I'm not going to, but somedays I just want to stop existing. I hate all this crying, all this saddness. It's all unnessary, but just a part of me, and I can't change myself, no matter how hard I try or how much I want to. I hate being one of "them", those people that don't really belong anywhere. I just want to belong, I just want to be happy.

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