April 29th, 2005


I must have gone insane!

Dear Devon,

.....I'm just speechless really. Out of all of the people you could like you like me. I sound like a fool but I must protest. I mean I'm nothing compared to you. I don't stick up for my principles. I'm not passionate about anything really and I'm not witty.

You are. You're cool, nerdy, clever a gentleman and a genius.

I'm violent, loud and on the defense all the time.

I really wish I could just laugh with you about things but I promised myself that I would not be like other girls so instead I'm cold to you. I don't understand how you can handle me?!?

I just wanted to thank you for alwasy thinking on the positive side.

And I promise that one day I will change for you.


(no subject)

Dear Matt,
We we're always ment to be friends, nothing more. I know I promised everything to you, we even dreamet about getting married but what 14 year old girl finds true love? A lucky one and I, unfortunitley, have found a friend and nothing more. We we're "going out" for 3 weeks and didn't kiss once! We never even went out. You promised you would never break my heart but I broke yours so am I a hyporcrit? Well I don't care! How could you make me fall for you? This was only ment to be a friendship! You're the sweetest boy I ever met but you never trusted me. I hugged Jeff once infront of you and you freaked out and that, dear boy, is not trust. You made it so hard for me to break up with you. Right before I told you when you said you would always love me and I had to know that, I almost cried. How will things at school be? How will our friends react? I don't care. All I care about is getting this off my chest. Maybe once I'm ready to date a friend I'll bring you back into the picture.

P.S. Don't get over me too soon!