April 27th, 2005

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dear brain,

yeah nikki said this helps
so im ganna try it
why are you so stupid sometime's i mean really
you kissed him he kissed you there were lips and tounge and all you could do was smile and do it agian
you always fucking talk about not fucking up and not setting yourself up to be used
well you are and you need to learn not to although i know you wont cuz your so fucked up and complicated
and you need to learn how to shut the fuck up and to listen to me when i think and tell you to stop making my mouth move and having things spill and such
okay so i said i wouldnt go i wont do it hes lonely im lonely and i miss it i dunno
i like him a lot and i had a chance so maybe if i kiss him one day he will realize he loves me like he used to
i dont know
i just have a feeling he wants ass and hes a guy
fuck i wish i didnt spill everything to him
but then again i shouldnt talk to ppl cuz i always get hurt in the end
so maybe instead of spilling to 2 or 3 ppl just do it to one
yeah okay good idea
even tho i know i cant do that
its a start

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Dear Vinny and Andrew,

hehe hi and sry vinny dont love ya that much. lmao

<3 kimmie


Dear computer,

FUCK YOU!!!!  why the hell did you die, i lost all my pictures and my great journal icons and like evrything my life was like wrote out on the computer and i was just about to print it and you died! FUCK YOU!!!!!!

<3 kimmie


Dear Joey,

Leave me alone i hate you

<3 kimme


Dear Chris,

EWWWWWW thats all i have to say

<3 kimmie


Dear Jordan,

wow yur a weirdo, but yur great too.

<3 kimmie


Dear David,

wow i missed you but you gotta go wit cassie!!!!  i love you

<3 kimmie


okay well those letters are gonna be it for a while gotta get the damn computer fixed.  it totally died im at skool right now!!!!  Grrrrrrrr

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hey im new ..
so this is a letter to a friend(?)

Dear you,
I wish you would stop acting like a hoe. It really has become quite annoying at times. I hope that threw highschool we stay really good friends. I wish you could see how pretty you are without all that makeup one. I miss the old you who didnt care so much about what other people thought of you. I wish that you wouldnt flirt with EVERY single boy in the universe, expecially the ones i trusted to tell you i liked A LOT. I wish that you would be nicer to Mel. She doesnt desirve the shit you give her. I wish you would respect other people and yourself. I hate it when you make fun of me for my morals/religion. Even though i know you and her are best friends i wish you wouldnt shove it in my face. It makes me feel like im not good enough for you. I hope you dont play into some ass holes who just want you for some fun. but i will love you NO MATTER what you do. Im always here for you.
Love, me.
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Hey guys. I just joined this communitiy. My name's Kat (for more info, just check out my info/journal). I love writing letters but I never get the courage to send them to anyone, so I feel like this place will do me some good, haha. I'll see you around! Thanks :)

Thank You letters

Dear family and old friends back home,

Thank you for being there for me through this hard time. I was plainly stupid to neglect you all when I was all loved up with my man. It never crossed my mind that after being with him for four years and moving 200 miles away to live with him for over two years, he'd do the dirty on me with some girl who couldn't seem to find an unattached man of her own to seduce.

So now I'm on my own and I came crawling back to you but you welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like I'd never left you. There's no hint of resentment and no 'I told you so's', just love, understanding, shoulder's to cry on, reassurance and legal advice. It really means a lot that you all care about me. If it wasn't for you I would have lost the will to live, so know that every tiny thing you do or say is hugely significant to me.

Thanks for backing me up and letting me know that it’s normal to want to smash his head in with a brick! Just knowing this is enough to stop me from actually doing it! Thanks for helping me to see the humour in the situation; four months ago I thought I’d never smile or laugh again. I’m still in a lot of pain now but I can see that there will possibly light at the end of the tunnel and there’ll come a time when I can go for 10 minutes without thinking about the betrayal.

Thank you for calling and emailing to check up on me when all I want to do is curl up and hide from the world.

Oh and thank you for taping Smallville and Scrubs for me. I look forward to watching them when I come home for the holidays!

Love B x

Dear New Friends,

Thank you for being there for me through this hard time. For the dinners, the trips to the coffeehouse, the cinema and for lending me DVDs so I won’t feel lonely at night (it doesn’t work but thank you anyway). For helping me move my stuff into my new place and helping me with things I’ve never had to do on my own before. I like hearing your stories about your solid relationships because it sounds the same as me and my ex and so proves that I did nothing wrong and I didn’t deserve to be cheated on. The only difference is that my ex wouldn’t know what a commitment meant if it slapped him in the face.

I appreciate being welcomed into the clique. I know when I first got here, you listened and you spent time with me because you sympathised with my situation. But now time has passed and you’ve got to know me, it’s clear you want to talk to me because you like me for me not just because you feel sorry for me. Thanks for helping me find my feet in the labs and having faith in what I can do.

Thanks also for helping me settle in to the new surroundings and catch up with the work. It’s so hard to concentrate with everything still hanging over my head so your help is worth its weight in gold. When the exams are over we’ll party hard!

Love B x

Dear Men that have shown an interest in me,

Thanks for reassuring me that I’m not hideous. It’s a shame that all you want is a cheap lay, but nevertheless, thanks for your interest. It’s probably unfair of me to assume that’s all you want but I’m not ready to trust again yet. You’ve proved that there are more fish in the sea, fish that are more magnificent and tasty than my last seafood option. The jury is still out on whether any of you fish are safe to try or whether you’ll end up sticking in my throat, choking me and adding to my hurt, so for now, I’ll pass. You’re sweet though.

Kisses, B
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Dear self,
GET YOUR ASS IN SHAPE. you are disgusting right now.
more water! more exercise! less computer!!!!
you'll feel better.

Dear Dre,
thank you so much for Chronic 2001. it gives me rap when needed<3

Dear Sean,
thank you for giving me something to talk about to my crush<3

Dear Nate,
thanks for noticing me :)

Dear stephanie,
fuck you i had alkaline trio tickets before you scheduled our softball game.
but thank you for letting me play first today :)

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dear kevin,

:sighs: i wish you were the one that asked me out, not pedro, walt, or mike. you know i want to be with you. we useto go out, you useto tell me you loved me -- where did the feelings go?

you're so dfgkahdfb;aldnfc.

.. i love you.

please give me one more chance kevin. i know things will be so much better this time. we have so much fun together.. i'm so freaking happy that we're friends, but i just wish to be more than that.

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my smile

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Your look---the one that made you so beautiful is no more. I haven't seen it in so long that I'm starting to doubt that it existed at all. ALl I want is for you to look at me the way you do, with your beautiful dark brown eyes that glimmer in the sun, and your smile that makes me want to melt. Where did it all go!? Where did you go?!

Jackie said to me today, when I told her who I liked "He doesn't even look at you!!"

I know, I know you don't. But, god, do I wish you would!