April 26th, 2005


(no subject)

Dear summer,
Where are you??

Dear Oxford,
Fuck you. You are selfish. Give him back to me.

Dear self,
Stop putting yourself through this. You fucked yourself over, now stop crying and deal with it.

Dear most wonderful boyfriend,
Please stop making this so damn hard on me. Please just leave me and let me heal.

Dear softball,
You need to hurry up and end.

Dear school,
You too.

Dear life,
Fuck you too. Stop kicking my ass.

Love always
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(no subject)

Dear Sam,
Stop taking your anger out on everyone else.

Dear Kim,
Ummm hi.

Dear Mom & Dad,
Thanks for the Green Day tickets!!

Dear Robin,
You need to talk to Linda. I am not gonna fight your battles.

Dear Linda,
Watch your back. Kelly wants to kill you.

Dear Janet,
Thanks for driving me everywhere.

Dear Mike,
I wish you could understand how I felt. You don't know the real me and I really would like to change that. From what Kim says, your a jerk. I hope she's wrong.

Dear Marc,
Kim want's her note back!!!

Dear Sarah,
I'm sorry for not talking to you lately. But thanks for always being there.

Dear Coach John,
Let's hope for a good season.

Dear Matt,
I like to spend time with you. Your a great guy!! I don't like you but we should hang out some more.

Dear Emily,
You worry to much. Just relax and stop thinking that your not good enough. Love your friends and family, continue doing good and school and things will work out.

Dear Katie,
Stop acting like Satan.

Love, Emily
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Dear Josh

Dear Joshua,
I miss you.
I need you.
I love you.
I would give anything to be with you right now.
I know I will be soon.
I know its your job to be in Japan.
I know if you had the chance you would come get me.
I just wish that I could be there now with you.
I wish I was done with school.
I wish I didnt have to be without you agian.
I hate this.
I love you.
I'll be waiting for that middle of the night phone call.

Always yours,
Ilene marie

(no subject)

Dear Hillary,
Stay strong darling, not many people actully like her.

Dear Mom,
We need more money, i'll try to stop spending as much!

Dear Paul,
go away and stop ruining this family. I hate you so much sometimes. Fuck.

Dear Matt,
I love you

Dear Myself,
Your such a perfectionist. Stop it. No one is going to see your room so why do you keep it so clean? Mom doesn't even care so just stop right now.

Me! Keep up the good work