April 19th, 2005

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dear brock

i want to be killed right now.. you broke up with me.. and you dont even know why.. its fucked up tht you tell me you're in love with me.. but you also break up with me.. but i undestand i guess. i will love you until the end of time as well and whenever the time comes that you want a gf again i will still be here .. i love you more than i love myself.. you were the reason i got up in the morning.. now when i see you i cant even lookinto you big icey blue eys without crying,.... i love you always and forever



Dear Boy,
Why are you doing this to me? I can't help but feel the feelings i have for you.
I really do like you and i would love to get to know you more.
I love it when you meet me after my class.
I love it when you text me.
I love it when you call me late at night just to see how i am doing.
I love it when you call me by my nickname for you, though i act like i dont like it.
I can work around your parents. just to see you at school and while we walk home would be enough for me in a relationship.
i dont need to go out with you everyday outside of school.
Just to talk to you and see you during school is enough for me.
To recieve ur sweet kisses, to have you hold me.
It would be a perfect relationship.
You are exactly like me.
We both are very shy and can be very romantic, we dont like to be smothered, family means the world to us, work and school is very important, we make eachother laugh.
Please give me a sign that you do have somewhat feelings for me.
I dont want to be the only one anymore, i cant pretend anymore.
always there for you,
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dear prom date

dear doug,

I apologize for always being the one to call you but you see I don't want to go to prom with a kid I hardly know. After prom i don't care if you never call or if I ever talk to you again. But see we had the awkward hug and before I pay 150 dollars for prom tickets. I know I'm weird. I am such a girl about this and I apologiz in advance.

Sincerely the girl you're going to prom with.

dear prom date I wanted,

I really wish we could repeat last years prom or something similar to it because i had fun and I feel comfortable around you. You are the only person who knows that sometimes I just want to hold hands with a guy and when I go to hug you knew to kiss the top of my heade. I never loved you but sometimes I just wish you were around. when you called me last weekend I couldn't believe it but you only called for one question and it lasted like 1 minutes. but then you said 'see you'. will you actually see me again sometime please say yes.