April 17th, 2005


dear brain
listen to me
listen to you friends and wot their saying
he likes you
he likes you
he likes you
believe it

dear heart
no i wont believe it
how do you know my friends arent just saying what i want 2 hear
wot proof do you have
so hes nice to me, how do u know he isnt nice 2 everyone
so he has sweet msgs, how do u know he doesnt send msgs like that 2 every1
the onli thing u got me on is him asking 4 my mobile number
but that could just b a friend think
seriously there is not enough proof
i want to believe you heart i truly do
but i cant let myself believe it if theres not a very good chance its tru so i dont get hurt
im so confused
your just confusing me more!
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Dear Brock,

meeting you and going out with you i though was the best thing that ever happened to me.. you are the first guy that has ever made me feel special .. you were the only boy that could give me chills from 50 feet away... you told me you loved me.. you told me i was beautiful..you told me i was the best thing that has happened to you.. why are you taking it back now? why did you lie and say you didnt like amber.. and now you are cheating on me with her .. you dont have to lie.. i am grown.. i know when you are lying to me. i am not naive so dont lie to me.. i knew exactly what you meant today when you said that you had a not for me and that i had to be open minded.. i love you so much.. i really do.. it kills me that you are leaving me for her.. last night at my banquet we were so happy.. you said that when we were holding hands you owned the world.. guess you're taking it all back now..

i love you forever and for always..

I wish I could sleep
But I can't lay on my back
Because ther's a knife
For everyday that I've known you
When you want it
It goes away yoo fast
Times u hate it
It always seems to last
But just remember when you think you're free
The crack inside your fucking heart is me
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