April 13th, 2005


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dear coach dillon,

for the love of the game I must admit I do longer care about your lacrosse team. It's sad when someone who was so dedicated last year thinks of anything esle to do besides lacrosse. For the love of the game I must admit I hate your way of coaching and I hate the way I'm a goalie and get two shots on goal in a two hour practice. So then it's not just that we didn't shot on goal in one practice we didn't shoot on goal hardly ever. Yes we need a fundamental and we need it to become second nature but hello I need to make things second nature too. I need to have shots on goal so that your theory of stepping to the ball makes sense. You can't just yell at me in a game without ever giving me a chance to practice. Last nights game I wasn't even warmed up. You can't do that for a goalie. It doesn't work. So for the love of the game I must say that I don't think I'm showing up anymore on time to the games. Especially not if the remainer of the team shows up with 10 minutes to the game.

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Dear Robert:

I really

wish you'd


to me.

I wish

you weren't

coming over


I know you

dont want me

to hurt myself,

and you

know that if you

come over,

you're gonna

talk me out

of it.

I wanna

get it

over with.

No one


about me,




I know you

dont like me

as anything

more than

a friend,

and that

hurts me.


even though

you tell me

you care,

i dont think

you do.



stop me. I

ts for the

best if i






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Dear Weather//Mother Nature:

Today, you were damp, cold, miserable, and just a plain old bitch.

But nothing was better than seeing Greg coming to school early from the field trip because of you.

He ran and wrapped me up in his arms just in time for the lunch bell to ring.

How horrible my day had been, lonely too. I talked to Noah and Leah, which isn't bad at all. But having Jonathan jumping in puddles, acting like a preppy bitch with Ryan is unbearable in the cold.

Especially with those annoying bunch of 8th graders yakking away about being soooooo awesome and soooooo cool. *stab stab stab*

I much appreciate the cold weather especially for this afternoon. When I was talkign to Greg after school, and he used me for his warmth. Silly boys with no jackets.

Thank you weather. :]
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Dear ______,

My heart still beats for you.
Make up your mind.
Can we be together or not?
Do you like me or not?

Just tell me something. Anything.
Break my heart or make it impossible to beat right when I'm with you.
Either way, I'll still love you.

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life really sucks

dear god,
part of me doesn't like you, you know that? and most of me hates you, you know that? all my life you have forced the worst on me! well now i have nothing! so are you happy? isnt it so nice to see the girl you hate (tho she did nothing to you) cry herself to sleep? and i hate myself to now, because even if you're the one letting this all happen, you are still the one i pray to at night begging for things to be better someday. and you are and always will be the only one helping me through, because no one else cares, and for all i know you may not exist, so i could be just talking to myself. so now i just want one question answered, why me? out of all the people in this god damn world, why did you have to pick me to pick on? yeah i know everyone else has rough times to, but its been 12 fucking years since i smiled because i wanted to. so why not give me a break huh? how about you go make someone else cry? oh cuz its selfish of me to want someone else to have my pain? i know but you know what I DONT GIVE A DAMN i can't stand some of the things you've broght on me, and now this! WHY GOD, WHY ME?

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Dear You!

Fuck, i hate you with all of my heart!Have u ever known how much i missed u, and cared about u, and really LOVEd you!?!?!?!?! if you need drugs more than i, well, fuck you then! i won't let you destroy me! i hate everything about you!
wishes you all the worst:
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