March 29th, 2005

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dear dev
i love you, you fucking MORON. you have no fucking idea how much i loathe the fact that i can't get you out of my head and my heart. this wasn't supposed to happen, damnit! I miss you so much that it hurts, did you know that? do you know how much i miss you? i don't think you do. i don't think you have a fucking clue about any of this.
xox lizzy/ devi/...oh, i give up. {insert your favorite nickname for me here}


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Dear Jared,

I think you're freakin' awesome. I still can't believe you even like me. Let alone like me that much. I was in complete disbelief that someone like you was actually sitting there with me in your arms and rubbing my back. I swear you're so awesome I don't know what to do with myself.


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Dear Daniel,
I'm sorry I wanted you to be happy. Maybe happiness isn't your thing.

Dear Michael,
I love you, I hate you, I want you, I need you...that about covers you & me...

Dear Lindy,
I'm sorry about Tyler love. Don't worry about him, he's just being childish like RICHIE!!!

Dear Richie,
You're a freaking ass & you're being childish. I apologized a long time ago & we said everything was over between us. But still you refuse to LET THIS GO!!! I'm sorry you haven't grown up any since 2nd grade but god damnit I told you I was sorry & I would leave you alone. If you don't lose your childish attitude by symphonic band of 2006 then you're screwed because I have to sit right next to you whether you like it or not. I can't help but wishing you would just GROW UP!!!

Dear bellybutton,
Please don't hurt when you get pierced today. Please don't let moma see you, she'll kill me if she finds out you've been pierced.

Dear Casey,
I really like you love. I wish I could tell you but certain people keep me from doing so=/

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You would kill for this

Dear Mark,

I have no fucking clue what's going on between us. You seem happy, but I can't be sure. I'm scared and I don't know if I should leave ____ for you. I don't know if you'd just fuck me over again. I don't want to fuck up my relationship with him anymore than it already is. It's more fucked up than he knows.

The past couple days have been fun. It's nice to actually spend time with you. I've missed you a lot lately. I just need you to tell me where this is going...if anywhere. Tell me something. Fuck.

Love always,


[ sing me something sad soft and delicate ]

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Dear current boyfriend,

 I just wanted to tell you that I care about you no matter what happens. I'm sorry that I confuse you. I confuse myself most of the time. I'm sorry that I'm incapable of being a decent human being.



Amy Lee

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Dear Life,

Hi, it's me. That quiet girl who doesn't ask for much, content within her own little sphere of family and what few (though very close) friends she has. Anyway, I was wondering if you'd do me a teensy little favor.

Slow down, please? Just for a while. You're going far too fast for me. It seems like only yesterday I was an innocent little elementary-schooler, who only had to worry about when her friend who lived next door would get home so they could play. Now, I'm worrying about which AP classes to take in my junior year, what colleges I should start looking at, when I ought to get my permit, what I'm doing for my sweet sixteen, when I'm going to do all the projects and study for all the tests I have, and generally everything one could think of to worry about. Honestly, there's only nine weeks left in the school year. I'm almost halfway through my high school career. It scares the shit out of me that in six years or less, I'll be fending for myself in the "real world."

So just slow down for now, okay? Thanks.
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dear mr buddy,

wow. there is so much i never really told you.
you mean so much to me. when i met you, my dad had just died. i was so young at the time, i was just starting to understand what death was. so it is understandable that whoever was a strong male influence in my life at that time would be very close to my heart. you were that person for me. you've been right there for me my whole life. you've watched me grow. helped me thru the good and bad. i am so thankful that you've been a strong influence in my life.
i can't believe you and your family are moving. every sunday you've been there and waved. smiled. talked. when i felt like i was so far gone from the church and they'd rejected me, you pulled me back. showed me that somebody really cared. it won't be the same there without seeing you every week. without the comfort of knowing you're right there if i need you.
i just hope that in your new city, you can help different people the way you've helped me.
thank you for being in my life and being so amazing.
i wish you the best of luck. &i truly hope we meet again.

god bless,
skylar. ♥

First Ever

Dear Jessica,
I am so mad at you right now. You said you would come to youth but you never came. I love seeing you, you make me so happy. I am not using you for John. I would never do that. In fact John isnt even in my mind right now. I really miss you Jessica. I am worried about you. I think that you are heading in the wrong direction. The wrong direction with everyone and everything. Did you not come because of Ryan? Why do you like him so much? He is just a playa and you know he is. In fact I saw him with another girl today...but you still make out with him? I dont get it sometimes. I just dont get it. I am worried about your school situation. Jessica, I care about you, I really do, you just need to see that.


Dear John,
Ugh, I know, I am letting you go. I am setting you free from my mind. I dont want to think about you. I love you so much that I am going to let you go and do your own thing. If you love me back, I know you will come back, if not I know God has something better for me. If Meghan is ment for you, then you will be happy. I hope that you have a good month. I will write again. I promise. I still love you, but you may not love me, but I will always have some kind of love for you. Always....
Love Always,

first post...

Dear Former Best Friend,

I miss you. I miss all our jokes and fun times together. I miss knowing you would always be ther for me and would never let me down. I felt like nothing could ever change between us, and we would be best friends forever. Time can change, or so they say. You say I'm the one that changed, but did I? I think you were the one who changed. You were the one that was able to find happiness and feel complete. I didn't and you left me behind. Don't think I don't want you to be happy, I just wish I could share it with you. Why did you just leave me like that. I was so alone and so hurt. If you were falling off a cliff and I was the only one who could hold your hand and help you to safety, I would. Thats how I felt. As if I was dangling from the edge of "cliff" and you were the one that was there to help hold me through it all, but it got hard I wouldn't give in. So you dropped me and I fell down that cliff farther than you know. You told me I wasn't fun you didn't enjoy being with me. When someone is that low and sad, that it the worst thing you could ever tell them. You don't know how many tears you have made me cry and how many nights I have stayed awake trying to picture a perfect life where this never happened. After it all I still miss you and I still love you so much. I see you in your new life with your new friends and I wish I could be a part of it, but can I?

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Dear flu,

GO AWAY. At least come back on the weekend AFTER I've handed in my 2,500 word essay that I was planning to start tomorrow but may not have the fucking strength to now. Better yet, don't come back at all. Bottom line is, fuck off!

Thank you (grrr),


Dear boyfriend,

So you're back. Let me put this to you in simple english. I will never deny the fact I've missed you the past 3 weeks, but don't expect me to let you lead me around on this short leash like I've let you do for too long. In conclusion, I'm running the show from now on.

Love your Girlfriend.
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