March 28th, 2005


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dear robert:
i know you want to "us" to stay friends, and you dont want to give "us" a chance, but im going to need a hell of alot of time to get over you. i think it would be best if i cut off all contact until i can be "just friends" with you. right now, it hurts too much. i wonder, though, why wont you give "us" a chance? why do you let me kiss you? why dont you just tell me, straight on, that you dont want any "relationship" out of this? why must you keep hurting me?
confused & hurt,

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Dear Old Friend,
i just did some random household thing to do, but the entire time i was thinking about you. the music made me think of you, and all these memories we've had came back. actually i've been thinking about our friendship less and less, i dont really like that, because i dont want to forget the good times.

Dear boy,
i like you a lot :( i dont like getting wrapped up in people like i got wrapped up in you. i think you may know. but you might not. if you do know will you please do something about it? since i am too much of a pussy to talk to you?

dear new computer,
get here fast. i'm anxiously awaiting you.

dear weather,
get really really bad out by 2 o clock tomorrow please. i would appreciate it a lot. thanks.
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