March 19th, 2005

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dear boy (yes you),
i no longer love you
like i used to a year ago
my feelings for you are gone
it has taken me a full year to get over you
because around this time is the same time you left
but now im fully capible of moving on
so i just wanted to say goodbye
i wish you would of visted sooner
but since i won't be home when you visit here
i can forget everything
i guess this is goodbye and
i'll see you when you decided to visit your past
<3, me

dear neighbor,
boy am i happy your moving
i hated you ever since you moved in
your a very annoying person
i hope some better person comes along and moves in
so i don't ever have to see you again
<3, me

dear strept throat,
i hate being sick
you made me miss lax practice
that made me very upset
you also made me miss the dance and the movies
i really wanted to go to those
but no, you had to get me sick
and make me feel like crap,
thanks alot throat
<3, me

dear school,
i absolutly hate it there
i want to go to a public school
and be like a normal teen
no be stuck in a school full of girls!
theres so much drama
and theres no boys :-(
i cant leave though
because my parents wont let me
why cant i just go to a normal public school?
my freinds all suck, they are all fake
i miss my old friends who dont go to my school
we all got seperated
i miss them, they were my real friends
not these annoying girls at school
<3, me

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dear finland

i miss you more that i could've thought. it's depressing, i can't find my place anywhere else. you're my home! love ya!

dear boy

please tell me what you want, because it's very depressing to be confused about you. maybe u already know that i kinda like u, but i'm so afraid, cuz i'm not sure in u...i don't feel secure when i'm with u.
please, decide what u want, and let me know before i get hurt!

dear old room of mine

i miss you too. i'm really sorry that u have to be the home of that bitch, i'm sooo sorry, i promise i'll kick her out of there, and i promise that i'll clean that mess!
love ya!

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Over you

Dear jesse

Its been a year... and finally i am over you! I cant say im happy or sad about that but i am happy that my heart is no longer filled with pain and the tears that filled my eyes are no longer there!! I loved you and for a time i thought you loved me only come to find out that you didnt!! I think part of you cared and loved me but the drugs were more important!! But in my heart i will always love you and In the future I know that i will find someone better than you some one who will treat me right and not hurt me like you did!! But think about this you will never find someone who loves you as much as I do and i hope someday you feel the pain i felt when you broke my heart!!!
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are you worth it?

Dear David,                                                                                                                                   Your a great guy don't get me wrong but why won't you ever talk to me at skool or in front of all your friends?  You always hug everybody but me.  At times you seem to be the best person ever and your nice to me.  Like the time that one guy called me a slut you stood up for me by tellin him off, and when mikey told me to fuck-off you stood up for me too.  You are so open when you come over my house and you seem to have a lot of fun just pickin on me and makin me feel stupid.  I love your hair, its so fun to mess up, then your smile and luagh make me feel all happy.  But see i like your best friend.  You knew that already but i need your help.  I really need to talk to you about him right now but im too scared to talk to your face now becuz you haven't talked to me for a while.  But your like that for a month or so you wont talk to me at all but then for the next two weekd you will non-stop give me attention, sit by me at lunch, talk to me, even come up to my car as im leaving when my moms in the car too.  You always find a way to make me smile and your SO great, just seeing you i smile but i no you will never LOVE me therefore i gave up on you a long time ago, the door is still open a crack but its slowly closing.  please help me figure out marc.

<3 Kimmie


Dear community,                                                                                                                        That guy david hears his pic.  aint he just hot!?

                                                                          if you didn't gues he's the one in the red hoodie.                                                                               <3 Kimmie


Dear Marc,                                                                                                                                     So you have the flu?  ha ha ha you deserve that SO much!   actually you deserve HELL, but i care for you too much to ever let that even come close to happening.  What happened to you, did i do sumthing wrong?  Where did your kindness for me go?  you used to be the only one i ever thought of becuz you alwasy stuck out in my mind.  i even was dumb enough to give you an x-mas gift, you believed my mom wasn't there to pick me up, i told you i was walking home (which is like 15 blocks) so you even ran out side in bare feet while it was like freezing cold out and looked for my mom.  when i told you i had to go you freeked and told me there was no way i was gonna walk home, but my mom was right around the corner you found that out the next day and laughed!  we would always have the best convo's and you would find everyway to keep me smiling.  but ever since you knew i liked you you will not even say hi.  now you say you love Tabby (in high skool) and you told me before your not going out with her either but you still love her and blah blah blah.  shes not gonna like you marc becuz no offense you are ugly!  i love you becuz of your kindness, personality, mind, and the way you treated me.  so could you just care enough to come over my house when i have my next party?

i really love you marc . . . <3 kimmie

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Dear diary.

I remember having a major crush on someone in grade 7. I wrote 35 pages on how much I liked them. I put it in their desk, they found it and were puzzled trying to find out who it was from. The day we graduated from elementary school, and were off to high school, the person came up to me and said, "it was you."
I was shocked they found out, and nodded. Then they said "you're not meant to be mine." and started to walk away, leaving me to be confused and angry. I remember shouting back at them, "if I'm not meant for you, then who the fuck is?". He stopped walking, turned and said "you could do so much better."

I never understood. It hurt, but I got over it after a month of sulking.

This guy is now serving time. He got caught up in some nasty stuff in 9th grade. I soon found out he was always involved in dangerous stuff. He was trouble. He had a good heart, but was caught up in a bad crowd.
I recently saw one of his old friends, and while small talk, he got into the conversation. And you know what the friend told me?
He told me that this guy always had a crush on me. Like, major. And he always knew I liked him. The day he got the 35 pages, he instantly thought it was me. But he never let it show. He seriously considered asking me out, but didn't want me to be hurt or caught up into the shit he was in. The friend also told me his most recent girlfriend was killed because of the people he was caught up with.
"you could do so much better."... I'll never forget that. Because now I know he has a good heart, and he cared for me.

, Eamon. You're a good friend.

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Dear Freshmen Year,

I could say I hate you. Because somedays it feels like I do.
Your taking me away from kids I've loved for the past three years.
But I could also say I love you. Cause your continuing my life.
Your preparing me, and everyone else, for what's next.
And for that I thank you.
I don't know if I'm ready for you or not.
But we'll find out soon...

Dear Middle School,

I'll miss you.
I'll miss every inch about you. Every memory.
Good and bad.
I know more life changing experinces will happen in highschool but,
a lot of them happened in middle school too.
And I will never forget those three years.
I will never forget the people who were there for me in those three years.
I won't let myself forget.
My heart won't let myself forget.
As much as I would love for you to last forever, it's time I take on another part of my life.
I'm growing up.
Whether I like it or not.
I'll enjoy you more than anything for the lasting months I have with you...

Dear Friends,

For the ones who are going to the same higschool with me.
I will be there for you guys. Just like I was for you in middle school.
Just like you were there for me in middle school.
And we'll make it through.
I promise.

And for the ones who are going to a different higschool.
I'll never forget you, or the times we had together.

Much love,