March 15th, 2005

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Dear boyfriend,

I've written this letter over and over again, I keep erasing everything I've written so far. So here's what I have to say.

You should have said no and I would have stopped. You shouldn't have come home with me. Don't offer me your assistance during our "break", it only makes me hurt and cry more. The only thing keeping me going here is the fact that you told me I'm not fighting a dying cause.

I will make it work. You will make it work. If you care about me as much as you claim to, we can make this work.

Your girlfriend.

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ok well i just like joined this community and i thought i would post sumthing . . . i luv this guy . . . he WAS the sweetest guy on earth who like always cared bout me, hugged me, told me he loved me, and was perfect.  but when he found out i liked him he will not even say a word to me.  i just wanna let him no how much he hurt me.  why did he all of a sudden like forget me?  help!
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Dear Mat
Why did you tell me you loved me, because you dont, you dont know what love is, and even if you did love me, why tell me because you know i love Beth, and its not like youve fucked me up inside when u started seeing her, you and her both know what
Just fuck off and leave me to die
Beki </3
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forget all the letters that i kept, this is another i wont send.

dear michael,

im pretty sure i hate you.
actually, no, i dont hate you.
i hate the idea of you.
i hate that you're out hanging out with other girls.
i hate that you completely ignore me,
even though you're the one who made me promise that we wouldnt ignore each other.
im pretty sure i hate you.
not forever though.
but deffinately for right now.

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i never stopped...

Dear John...
After all this time... After all that we have done to eachother the past year... All the hurtful words I said to you because of your hurtful actions... I have never stopped loving you... Last time we had an actual conversation, I told you I was over you because I was dating Mike... The truth is... I was never over you... Even when I was with Mike, I thought about you... I thought about what it would be like if I was lying in your arms when I was lying in his... I thought about what it would be like to feel your lips against mine when they were his... I thought about how I would feel if it was you who said "I Love You" when it was coming from his mouth... The truth is... Whenever I was with him, I wasn't really with him... In my mind I was with you, wondering what it would be like... I can't get over you... No matter how much I try... But I don't want you to think that I'm hurting anymore... I don't want you to know that I still love you because I don't want you being afraid to talk to me in fear that it's gonna make it all worse... I have loved you ever since we became the bestest of friends... The way I felt when I was with you... Who I was when I was with you, I can never be that person again because it was only you who brought it out... You were my life... My everything... All that's left are the ruins of our friendship and I just wish we can put the pieces back together... I hope that when I see you tomorrow, we can talk about stuff... I hope that it will feel like nothing changed... You can tell yourself that you loved all the girls you dated within the last year, but you can't deny yourself that you never loved me... I saw the way you looked into my eyes... They way you huged me goodnight... The way you cuddled with me and kissed my forehead... Yea, you may not think that we actually dated... But I know you really wanted to but were scared for some reason... I told you that you would never lose me and you haven't because I keep running back every single time I try to forget about you... I just can't... That's because you've had the biggest impact in my life... I love you... I have always loved you... I always will love you... I have never stopped... I just miss you like hell... I just wish you could see it... I wish you could feel what I feel in my heart... You brought out the best in me... Nothing has ever changed... Just me lying to you when I say that I'm completely over you... I hope whoever you're with makes you happy cause you deserve the best... You deserve all that the world offers plus more... You always have... I miss you darling... My heart always beats for you, regardless...

Loving you Always
<33 Krissy
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